Viewers all over the world, I believe you enjoyed today’s message. It is all about relationships. Christians should not pull out of relationships or church under any circumstance, such as misunderstanding, disagreement, great conflict or taking offences. Whether you are right or wrong, we should wait patiently for God’s release. Every Christian should realise that if you are in the place where God wants you, the devil will want to offend you to pull out. The bottom line is, don’t try to make it easy for the devil. In times of great conflict in the relationship or in church, stay where you are; don’t budge. Attending church is a thing of God. When we go to church, we are answering God’s invitation. Do not leave under any circumstance; wait patiently for God’s release. Let us pray. Viewers all over the world, remember, your heart is the prayer room. Tell Jesus you want to hear His voice. You want to hear His voice. Let your heart come to Jesus first, in Jesus Christ’s name. At the command of Jesus, Peter walked on the sea. I command every infirmity, every demon that disturbs your life, every demon that disturbs your business and career, every demon that disturbs you, be cast out, in the name of Jesus! I say, you demon, be seized, at the command of Jesus! Blind Bartimaeus regained his sight. At the command of Jesus, I command every infirmity in your spirit, bone, flesh, body – right now, in the name of Jesus to go! Go, in the name of Jesus! At the command of Jesus, I say to you, every situation that challenges you, that challenges your career, that challenges your way, that challenges you, right now, go, in the name of Jesus! Go, in the name of Jesus! Darkness is sickness and sickness is darkness, affliction is darkness. I command that sickness to go in your life! I command that sickness, disease, infirmity to go in your life! Failure – be seized, in the name of Jesus! Disappointment in your way, right now, be seized, in the name of Jesus! Limitation in progress, I say to you, stop! Leave my people, in the name of Jesus! I say to you, leave my people! You are the Healer of wounds – inside and outside. Right now, in the name of Jesus, heal their brokenness! Heal their brokenness, in the name of Jesus! Heal their brokenness, in the name of Jesus, so that they can hold their faith! Heal their brokenness, in the name of Jesus! Rescue them! Rescue their lives, rescue their businesses, in the name of Jesus. I cover them with the Blood of Jesus. Be covered by the Blood of Jesus! I cover you with the Blood of Jesus! Everyone who is under the influence of my voice, right now, I say to you, be covered by the Blood of Jesus! Be protected by the Blood of Jesus! I rescue you, in the name of Jesus! Yes, I can hear you being set free. You are rescued! You are restored, in the name of Jesus! I can hear breakthrough! Begin to confess this breakthrough. Confess it with all your heart. Breakthrough! Confess it with all your heart. Say, ‘Breakthrough!’ This is your confession and testimony, right now. Breakthrough in your business. Breakthrough in your way. Breakthrough in your career. Breakthrough in you health. Breakthrough, in the name of Jesus! Right now, this is your confession, “I was in the dark; right now, you have brought me into the light. Thank You, Jesus!” In Jesus Christ’s name we pray. Amen. Stay tuned, in Jesus Christ’s name. RV: Mel Flowers 25/08/2019

Jerry Heath


  1. Слава ИИСУСА и ТБ. Джошуа. До Блогславит Вас ГОСПОДЬ. Аминь.

  2. God uses suffering for our good it says in the bible for this light and momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal glory beyond all comparison. It also says that suffering produces endurance which then produces character. It is in the suffering where we become overcomers and fighter in Jesus' name. You can't have a victory without first having a battle.

  3. Pray for to get my relationship back from the people that get powerful than me

  4. The only one that gave me good results and brought back my ex within three days is Prophet John, contact him through whatsapp: +971528657959 if you have any relationship problem.

  5. I believe and receive complete restoration of my relationship in the name of Lord Jesus amen and amen

  6. JESUS I love you jashank joya I love you, I will wait for you, let JESUS speak to you

  7. I have never looked nor follow this man of God until about 2 weeks ago. My God, where have I been? I can only say I am thankful and grateful to God for directing me to his channel. He is a true prophet and man if God. His humility knows no bounds and his genuity is second to none. God bless you Prophet TB Joshua. I can't wait to come to SCOAN for some deliverance.

  8. I confess breakthrough in marriage, finances,family life in every area of my life in jesus name i pray amen.

  9. Я попросила его подождать, пока я не дождусь ответа, пока я не буду готова, он разочаровался во мне, а я не чувствую любовь и это меня не вдохновляет на победу. Дайте мне время, пожалуйста.

  10. Большое спасибо за перевод на русский язык.

  11. Pastor I need your help in praying for me & the restoration of my relationship. But before that for the Protection, Deliverance & Salvation of her cause she is not a Christian. I really wish that she experiences the Love of God in her life.

  12. I have to say, I felt this, I was moved to tears. May God bless you TB Joshua.

  13. If only I can meet prophet tb Joshua one day I will be so happy but I hope God will give him many years to stay so that I can see him

  14. Dear Father God, may my relationship with Johan he restored, may we have another chance to be together, Johan please contact me in Jesus name amen

  15. I have received Breakthought in all the areas in the mighty lord of Jesus Christ Name Amen

  16. Sir please pray for me my friend Harish has to come back he has to love me propose me in Jesus name he has to marry me Hallelujah hallelujah Amen

  17. My Ex just came back into my life. I been praying for his return 9 years. We are not Married. I am praying for God's will possibly marriage and a family if God sees fit.

  18. I received my blessings my healing my breakthrough my relationship in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. O Lord Jesus i want to hear ur voice.

  19. I agree with your prayer pastor right now i believe it in Jesus name now thank you Lord🙏my fiance lives in Africa i live in American i travel to Africa offen soon he come to the United States i pray that he will listen to me i will do my best to understand him i know that he loves me very much and his family loves me so much that they want us together i am very blessed for that what i can't understand is when we have a disagreements or misunderstanding he dosent want to speak with me i understand he is upset we are human but i believe there is a evil spirits that comes to bring misconceptions and rejection towards me he is a very loving men i know those things is not my fiance so please pray for us all the saints of God i love you all be blessed🙏🙏

  20. Breathrough Relationships healing to my Daughter Angelika Stanley husband 3 kid's Selina
    Dave Noah Heal family and friend to be peace and The prayer Group and financial answer prayer RIGHT NOW! in JESUS NAME AMEN THANK YOU LORD FOR PROPHET JOSHUA! EMMANUEL!

  21. Please pray for my husband to be saved and our marriage restored! I go to court in a month and have been standing in faith with prayer and fasting!

  22. Please pray for my relationship,my partner to talk to me today in Jesus name.he hardly talk to me I need a miracle today now.by faith

  23. THANKS BILLIONS OMNIPOTENT GOD HOLY SPIRITאֱלֹהִי ✌*manifesting DIVINEs Empowering & Firing on thy's servant isisfong once of my life time LOVING GODאֱלֹהִs marriage together serving in *GOD JESUS POWER-MERCIFUL NAME of glorying THE unique*LORD ALMIGHTY GOD HEAVENLY✌FATHER יהוה ✌amen thank you GODJESUS*letting me receiving the PRAYER successfully tks Pastor TB Joshua

  24. Breakthrough
    in my relationship today in Jesus name AMEN!!!


  26. Good reporter Emmanuel TV.. Lightening the world ,free my spirit oh Lord to your Word ….

  27. Amen
    I believe in God and trust him lot in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

  28. I am agree with you and received the breakthrough in my marriage and relationships and my spouse came back to our home with me today permanently in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

  29. Amen
    I am agree and believe receive in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen

  30. Kindly pray that my spouse should come back to me permanently whole life and defend me in front of his parents and in the name of mighty jesus Christ Amen

  31. Please Man of God pray for the restoration of my marriage it's now 12yrs when I and my husband devorced, but I still believe in miracles for with God all things are possible.

  32. Please pray for my boyfriend and my family I'm very much in pain please man of god

  33. Breakthrough in my relationship! In the Name of Jesus..I confess! Thank you Jesus. AMEN.

  34. oh my Jesus i want to hear your voice am protected by blood of Jesus Christ Amen thank you Lord

  35. I receive my breakthrough in the name of Jesus. Im wasehd and cleansed in the blood of Jesus.

  36. I receive break through in my relationship . Oh God please bring boyfriend back to me because am so happy and complete with him. Dont let this satan separate us for no reason. God be in our midst

  37. Thank you for your powerful prayer Sir healing and breakthrough in my committed relationship to be joyful and to love with Agape Love each other in Jesus name Amen,Amen,Amen.

  38. I agree and believe in jesus christ name 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 amen

  39. I pray for my relationship to be restore in d mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen

  40. Amen iam Blessed…breakthrough in my relationship I believe we are going into another level 🙌

  41. My partner is being unfaithful, I pray that the mighty Lord give me the strength to forgive him, the pain is unbearable. Please pray for our relationship. Amen

  42. I command breakthrough in my relationship, in my family, and in my life in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST AMEN!

  43. so blessed to have Prophet TB Joshua in this life… May our Almighty Father bless you n prolong ur life..

  44. God i come today with all my heart and hope that whatever i pray realise. Please give me back my couple. Change his mind so that we stay together till the end. Change his mind so that he did not left me but want to continue. Make him realise that he loves me and want only me. I don't want to cry anymore 😫 localise moi seigneur Amen

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