A Message From Dr. Pillai About Mantras

Your mind has to become mantra. That means
you don’t think about anything except the mantra. If you go on thinking about the
mantra all the time, then all the powers of the mantra will become yours. So don’t
worry about, “I don’t know about trading. I don’t have cash to go and play jackpot
or stock market.” You don’t need anything. What do you need? You need mantras. People
are hungry to get information like this. Because people are like that.
People come and tell me, “Alright. I am broke. I don’t have a place
to live. I don’t have a job. I don’t have any savings. I am old. I have no skills my
mind doesn’t work.” What is the answer? Mantra! Mantra is the answer for everything. If
you have mantra, that mantra will guide you. To a job, relationship, health, anything that you
want. All that is required is, just follow the Mantra 24 hours. It should be
at the back of your mind, going on. Shreem Brzee, Shreem Brzee, Shreem Brzee, Shreem Brzee, Shreem Brzee, Shreem Brzee. Somebody buys a house for $20 million dollars and they said Shreem Brzee. And why are you not able to make, even create a
studio apartment? Why? Karma — all these things are there. I
am NOT saying that Karma is not there. Karma is there. Are you going to go along with
your Karma? Are you going to go against your Karma? You have a choice. You know. You have a choice.

Jerry Heath


  1. can i get back my lost love with this shreem brzee mantra or kleem mantra? please suggest…

  2. Pillai you really know youre stuff ill give u that !!You know what especially if you play the video and just give the mantra youre whole attention!!!Wow!!!Miracles in one day !!People say how long???40 days shit it happens immediately if you listen to it like that and give it youre whole youre full attention!!

  3. You know what i was playing that Kleem Mantra the one with the red heart and i was staring at it intently giving the heart and the sound my whole attention in so much i got lost in it i lost track of time and got swept away !!Went beyond time even.!!!And as soon as i got done i got my wish!!Now thats no shit !!!

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