5-Minute Morning Yoga – Yoga With Adriene

(relaxed music) – All right, my darling friends. Let’s begin with cat-cow. Come into tabletop position. And we’ll start to
move with the breath. Inhale, drop the belly,
open the chest nice and slow. Exhale, round
through chin to chest. Inhale, open the chest,
feel the front body stretch. And exhale, rounding
through, navel draws up. Couple more here, move with
your breath, nice and slow. Waking up the body. Setting a
mindful tone for the day. One more cow
pose, drop the belly. This time really tug the
shoulders away from the ears and press into the feet firmly. And then one more cat
pose, really arch the spine, and claw into the fingertips. Chin to chest,
great work, inhale. Tabletop, this time
bump the hips to the left, and then turn to look
past your right shoulder. Feel a nice
stretch in the side body. Keep the hands and
feet rooted to the earth. And then slowly,
gently come through center, bump the hips to
the right and turn to look past your left shoulder. Again keep the
hands and feet grounded. Continue to breath
here as we slowly wake up the body with love. Back to center we go. Drop the elbows
right where the hands are. Take a deep breath in,
and then on your exhale, slowly walk the knees back, Puppy posture or
heart to earth pose, a beautiful way
to kick off the day. Nice chest opener here, breath
deep, opening the shoulders. We get the head just
under the heart here. Welcoming some fresh oxygen, fresh blood flow. (deep breathing) And then slowly
come all the way back up to tabletop position. Again take your time,
then we’ll curl the toes under. Take a deep breath
in and on the exhale, send the hips up high,
Downward Facing Dog, peddle it out nice and easy. Start to deepen your
breath, shake the head loose. Give thanks for your body. And appreciate
yourself for taking this moment to do a quick check in,
to move it around. When you’re ready, walk the
feet to the middle of the mat. Bend the knees,
come into Forward Fold. Again we’re letting the blood
flow opposite direction here. Shake the head loose,
relax through your shoulders. Really feel your feet
grounded to the earth here and again connect
to a little gratitude. Definitely appreciate
yourself, smile. And you should
feel good, happy, proud, that you took this time
to connect to your body, give it some love,
connect to your breath. Alright bend the
knees generously, bring the belly to
the tops of the thighs. And when you’re ready
we’ll slowly roll it up. Nice and slow, feel your
feet press into the earth. Grounding in this
moment for yourself as you slowly rise
up to Mountain Pose. When you get there, take a
moment to move the shoulders a little bit, just
soft easy movement. Continue to deepen the breath. And then see if
you can feel it out, and align your
head over your heart, your heart over the
pelvis as you either bring the feet
together, really together, or you can choose
to go hip width apart. Just nice mindful footing,
really feel like you’re pressing away from the earth as
we spread the fingertips. And this is that big
good morning stretch, reach your fingertips all
the way up towards the sky, take a deep breath in,
stretch, stretch, stretch, really maximize the
stretch here, give it your all, feel it out, notice what it
feels like to be alive today. Stretch, stretch,
stretch, even more. And then slowly
release and release interlace the fingertips
behind the back. Knuckles draw down and away, this is our last move here
so draw the shoulder blades together and lift
your heart, open your mind. Take a deep
breath in and exhale, ending with a big hug
today, release the arms, and give yourself a big hug. And I encourage you to lift
your hearts one last time. Really feel your feet
pressing away from the earth. Take one final deep breath in. And exhale, Mountain Pose. Nice work. (relaxed music)

Jerry Heath


  1. This was gorgeous! A practice like this is perfect because you can integrate this into any day, no matter how busy you are! Thank you Adriene!

  2. I followed this practice with 7 minutes Yoga for Runners – a lovely combination. Thank you Adriene xx Namaste 💟💟

  3. Day 52. I had a bad morning with a screaming child and bossy adults, but just five minutes sees me feeling better than I did.

  4. Definitely going to be coming back to this! I went to a public yoga class for the first time yesterday. Needless to say, it was difficult but I felt amazing and proud of completing one!

  5. YWAfamily, together we can move mountains because we are mountains, and we're mindfully moving our energy together daily as this commUNITY 💚🙏💚 rise up in love today and every day, fellow yogis – namaste

  6. I love our yoga quickies, I had a swap around as I have an early up busy day today . So I combined yesterday’s this one with Wednesday’s that I missed for runners 🏃🏻‍♀️ 🏃🏽‍♂️perfect, and although short, very affective and useful to save , thanks Adriene 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🙏😊💞

  7. This was a great first stretch of the day. Haven't quite gotten all the kinks out yet though… moving on to the next YWA video. 😀

  8. Beautiful quick yoga sequence to fit into a short Miracle Morning 😊 Thank you Adriene! 🙌🏻

  9. This morning my body was telling me I need to check in and I didn’t want to. I found this video and it’s exactly what I needed! Thank you

  10. Hi Adriene
    Keep up the good work, I really love when you say to smile and appreciate being alive xx

  11. I have been doin this morning routine for some years now…thank you.

  12. Thank you. If I remember to stretch in the morning I have such better days!

  13. day 52, nice routine for anytime of day if your feeling tight or have been sitting a while

  14. A quick but powerful practice, this made me so happy first thing in the morning. Thank you so much Adriene! 🙏💖

  15. Life happened and I fell off of my routine. This quickie is just long enough to wake the body and short enough for me not to make any excuses of restarting a daily practice.
    Thanks Adriene ♥️

  16. ☀️♥️💞💖💓😚❤️☺️🥰🍊✨🧡☀️💞💖♥️

  17. I work 12-hour shifts over night and this is this perfect little break to reset my energy and focus just as the sun is rising! You keep me going and make me the best caregiver I can be! Thank you Adriene <3

  18. Hi thank you for this yoga video it really makes me happy when I go to school so I do well with my work thank you so much! 😁

  19. soooo much love from an istanbul morning that started well because of this <3

  20. Amazing! I've been wanting to start yoga for a very long time but I was under the impression it was gonna be so time-consuming and complicated… but this video was the very opposite of that, I'm definitely gonna incorporate yoga into my daily routine from now on!

  21. I can't describe this feeling. Besides I never thought that this really works but I feel so different since I started doing this every morning. It's insane and I'm so glad that I still tried it out. I'm thankful for your video because I always use it when I have too less time but I can't even imagine a morning without Yoga anymore

  22. Your videos are the only thing that will get me through grad school sane. Quick yoga when I start to feel burnt out and I'm all better. Thank you!

  23. Overslept this morning so I didn't have time for the 'Feel your best", so this was perfect before my mad rush of a day starts! Thank you again Adriene 🙂

  24. Many guys enter a poor life due to adhd…and looking for that "buzz." or even thrill in life. Let's end buzz lifiing.heheh no.

  25. My muscles are so shorten. Would it help me to do this yoga video daily?

  26. You are SO generous to post your practices FOR FREE! I've to,d you before, I REALLY appreciate them. You are the only Yogi I like. You explain well, have a great personality and your practices are effective. I can actually close my eyes and FEEL without having to watch because you explain so well. These quick ones are AWESOME! I love them and again – appreciate them. Thank you so much Adrienne!!!

  27. That was wonderful!! I wasn’t feeling the best this morning and was sore so I decided to take the little time that I had free for some yoga. Thank you so much!!

  28. This is wonderful way to to start your day! Namaste to you and all the people who done this yoga!

  29. Don’t start your day in your bed! Start your day on a yoga mat! Namaste!

  30. This is the best morning yoga ever! I really felt good after doing this yoga! Namaste!

  31. Everybody, do this yoga EVERYDAY! This is a beautiful way to start your day! Namaste!

  32. Yoga with animal poses not good for spirituality. Think before adopting to it.

  33. Adriene you have become my favorite yogi on youtube. I appreciate your wisdom, humor and geekiness!

  34. I’m weak from my upper body strength, but I’m glad I took the time! Re-amping my journey to yoga 🧘🏽‍♀️ & enlightenment 💛🧡

  35. Awesome way to start the morning! Thank you! Lovely 5 minutes!

  36. Had a sports injury and needed a stretch this morning that was not going to aggravate the area. This was a great stretch that the body responded well too. Thanks

  37. oh my gosh, so short and still sooooo gooooooood!!!!! many thanks to you, Adriene!!!!! <3

  38. Overslept this morning and only had a few minutes for yoga. This was enough.

  39. I’ve been doing this video now for over 2 months every morning . Just what I need for the time that I have.

  40. I've only been doing yoga for a couple days (once when I wake up, once when I go to bed) and I already feel a lot more calm. Thank you for this video!

  41. thank you so much for this awesome flow Adriene!
    also something you said really spoke to me: "Notice how it feels to be alive today"
    really great. again thank you ! 🙂

  42. I have been to Japan the last week, so I didn’t write Namastes but now:Namaste!

  43. This is a great and awesome way to start your day with your own dreams! Namaste!

  44. This video was exactly what I needed today. From sleepy to full of energy 🎉 thank you!

  45. This is absolutely exquisite! This yoga practice makes people remember who they are and what their dreams are. Namaste Adriene!

  46. I looked for this video because I've been reading this book called MiniHabits in which the author says that instead of trying to be perfect just do something like one pushup to create your new habit. So 5 minute daily yoga I can do and this is going to be my new mini habit!

  47. This was absolutely brilliant! I really like how I could feel which parts of my body is sore and which are not. Namaste Adriene and Benji!

  48. Thank you! This is the first yoga video I’ve actually watched and participated with and honestly I’m surprised at how nice and relaxing this was 🙂

  49. I've done this pratice on many busy mornings but today I coupled this with the Throat Chakra yoga practice in the FWFG membership and woah! Ibe honestly felt some resistance to doing the throat chakra practice out of fear of genuine expression but today it's exactly what I needed. I've been going through really profound energy shifts lately and after swimming in the ocean watching your newest q&a videos on the membership, losing a close friend and being someone for others to lean on I am finally getting my clarity and strength back. My path is clear and my drive is high. I am relieved, amazed and so grateful. My heart is warm and full, a lesson I've learned is I dont always need to get to the bottom of something or understand something in order to surrender. I am learning to let go and you have helped so much with that. Thank you eternally Adriene and the FWFG team! Finding your yoga videos has changed my life for the better! Namaste 🙏💓

  50. Timeless lessons in less time than it takes to grab a cup of coffee. God bless and namaste!

  51. This was great as my very first time deciding that this beautiful morning I wanted to get up and do some yoga for my body. Love the simple steps and breathing techniques. Thank you for this 5 minute morning yoga routine that I will apply to my daily Rising routine. Namaste 🙏🏽

  52. Thank you for your practice Adriene you help me every day to realize how much I need yoga daily. 💗That heart to earth pose had both my shoulders pop, holy cow !

  53. I’ve been wanting to get into yoga again and realized just now how much I need it back in my life because literally 30 seconds into watching this I started fast forwarding lol my patience is just nonexistent right now haha!

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