5-Minute Flexibility Yoga Routine | The Yoga Solution With Tara Stiles

Hi, I’m Tara Stiles and today on the Yoga
Solution, I’m gonna show you a great routine that you can do in 5 minutes to increase your
flexibility. Let’s get started. Start sitting nice and tall here, however you can sit comfortably.
Just for a moment close your eyes and start to draw your attention a little bit deeper
inward. And simply beginning to lengthen your inhales and deepen your exhales here. So setting
an easy and full pace of breath you can stay with for a little while. And take a big inhale,
reach your arms all the way up and over your head. And then as you exhale, we’ll bring
your right hand down toward the ground. Soften up your elbow. Nice easy opening in your side
here. And then gently come all the way back up to the middle. Same thing other side here.
Tipping over, left hand finds the ground. Soften up your elbow. Easy, easy opening here.
Nice, big, full, deep breaths. And gently open yourself back to your middle here, and
we’ll walk forward a little ways, maybe just a couple steps if this feels like enough of
an opening here. Or maybe a few more if that feels nice to you. And just let the weight
of your head and neck soften into toward the ground. Maybe sway gently side to side. And
when you’re ready, slowly rounding up from this one. And we’ll bring your fingertips
right behind you on the ground. As you push down, lift your chest right upward. Maybe
even lift your hips up a bit here, if that feels nice. And when you’re ready, ease yourself
all the way back to your middle here. And so we’ll just stretch your left leg out toward
the side here. Keep your right leg tucked in. Bring your left hand down to the ground
inside of the leg. Soften up your elbow. Reach this opposite arm all the upward here, so
much up that maybe you simply start to tip on over. If you happen to grab the toes, just
use that grip to spin open even more. If the toes are far away that’s totally cool too.
Just keep spinning the torso upward. Breathe a lot. And when you’re ready, bring yourself
up from this one here. We’ll unwind with a twist. Left hand finds your knee. Fingertips
behind you. Big inhale to sit up tall, and then as you exhale, spinning around a little
bit more. And when you’re ready, coming back to the middle here. We’ll draw this leg all
the way and give it a good squeeze in front of your body. So either holding your foot
and right above your knee if the hips feel pretty tight here. If there’s a little bit
more room to work with, you can slide your foot in your elbow. Kind of cradling the leg
here. Sitting up super tall. Nice. So just sit up so tall here that maybe you slide your
bottom heel all the way forward out in front of you. Lengthening that leg, sit up nice
and tall, give the shin a big squeeze. And then as you exhale, we’ll place the foot right
outside of this hip here. So take a big inhale reach your right arm all the way up. And then
as you exhale, we’ll cross the arm over your leg. Opposite fingertips right behind your
body. Big inhale to sit up tall. And then as you exhale, gently spin around a little
bit further, a little easier. And just a simple counter twist here, unwinding, spinning around
the other way. And gently bring yourself back to the middle here. We’ll just interlace your
hands around the bottom of your foot. Sit up nice tall, maybe even start to extend this
leg out in front of you. If there’s no room to have a tall back and a straight leg, just
soften the knee here and keep the back nice and long. So wherever you’re at breathe a
lot. And we’ll take a twist from this one here. So bring your right hand to the outside
of your foot. Left fingertips behind you. Big inhale to sit up really tall. And then
as you exhale, spin around a little bit more. And gently bring yourself back to the middle
here. We’ll stretch both feet all the way down to the ground and put a little softness
in your knees, and we’ll just start to fold all the way up and over your legs here. Breathing
a lot. And when you’re ready, slowly come all the way from this one here. So we’ll just
switch sides, tucking the left leg in, extending your right leg all the way out to the side.
Bring your right hand down toward the ground, soften up your elbow. Reach this opposite
arm all the way up here. And, again, so much up that maybe you run out of up and start
tipping over. If your hand reaches your foot, maybe bring your other hand around to your
knee. You can use that pressure to roll your shoulder inside here and spin open even more.
If that’s not happening again, doesn’t matter. Just keep everything opening upward. And when
you’re ready, slowly bring yourself up from this one. In line with a twist, hand finds
your knee, opposite fingertips behind you. Big inhale to sit up tall. And then as you
exhale, spin around a little bit more. And we’ll come back to your middle here. Again,
cradling this leg here. So either holding your foot and your knee. If the hips are really
tight or there’s knee problems, don’t tweak your knees or push past any pain here. So
make sure you can always breathe and be pain-free. So we’ll sit up so tall here. We’ll have you
slide this other heel all the way out in front of you. Big inhale to lengthen up nice and
tall to open up the hips. And then as you exhale, place your foot right outside this
extended hip here next to your body. So big inhale, reach your left arm up. And then as
you exhale, cross the arm over. Fingertips come behind you. Big inhale to sit up tall.
And then as you exhale, spin around a little bit more. And we’ll unwind with a nice counter
twist here. So big deep, long inhale, and then easy exhale. And we’ll come back to your
middle here. So interlacing your hands underneath this foot here. Again, sitting up nice and
long in the spine. Again, so tall in the spine that maybe this heel just starts to extend
forward. And, again, if the leg doesn’t go all way straight, it really doesn’t matter.
Just keep a nice, long back so the knee can be as bent as you need it to be. Just breathe
a lot. And when you’ve had enough of that one, gently relax the leg all the way back
down to the ground here. So stretching both heels all the way forward, sit up nice and
tall in your spine. And then as you exhale, crawling all the way up and over the legs
here. So make sure you keep a nice bend in the knees, especially if there’s tension in
the hamstrings or lower back. This way you can have the nice opening without the stress
or frustration involved there of kind of touching your toes. But if there’s lots of room to
go in the hamstrings, you can always slide the heels out too. And just relax your arms
down on the ground here. And just breathe a whole, whole lot. Really big, deep inhales.
Make a little bit more space. And then long exhales to move you right in. And then when
you’re ready, gently roll yourself all the way up from this one, and you’re done. Great
job. So there you have it: A great routine that you can do in 5 minutes to increase your
flexibility. I’m Tara Stiles and I’ll see you next time on the Yoga Solution.

Jerry Heath


  1. finally found a simply and great yogo video 🙂 Thank you! I'm totally new to yoga but I love to do yoga after my intense workout..I see that it helps relax my body and increase my (very little) flexablity. I'll do this for a month and then move into another of your vidoes!Thanks a million!

  2. I have been doing thia everyday for about a week now, and really notice a difference in my flexibility! Thanks Tara 🙂

  3. I think Tara has such a lovely relaxing voice. Makes it sound so easy as she just floats into the most impossible positions. 

  4. This is so fast 🙁  Too fast for me. Stretching too me is relaxing time. But when it's too fast i get stressed.

  5. perfect for relaxing and cooling down after a workout! love it!
    By the way, i like your surname (:

  6. Two days of this and I can already tell a difference.. Very relaxing and stretching ..

  7. I think the speed is good, maybe could be a touch slower, as the longer you hold a stretch the more those muscles relax – improving flexibility. I find many tutorials are too slow though, so I think this is great for a quick stretch when you're in a rush. 🙂

  8. Love this stretch but there is one stretch missing when we should hold the left leg up at the foot and twist to the back. We do this on the right hand side. I just do it afterwards tbd

  9. I love this routine. I find it really soothing and automatically feel really calm
    But that background tho…AMAZING!

  10. how many calories does this burn (knowing you were working out intensly before)?

  11. I noticed it maybe missing the last twist in the left side, after stretching left leg and back

  12. Some of the only time my long legs are a problem… I can't fully extend them when my hands are locked on the bottom of my foot!

  13. Thanks Tara! Haven't done this routine in a while, but it's one of my favorites and it's the one that inspired my daily yoga practice.

  14. where can I find your dad's? I would like my mom to start doing your videos but she need to see it on the TV.

  15. Love Tara's yoga videos, this channel should make a 30 min workout or an hour one with Tara. I would love to get all my exercises from one video (now using 3-5 for a day)

  16. I wish I could download this to watch everyday until I learn it without wasting precious data

  17. Thank you for this! Easy to follow, just what I needed to feel refreshed 🙂

  18. To my Tara this really helps Wish you're always beautiful and healthy and in good state like this!

  19. Wow, I am truly so happy I found you. Your voice isn't monotoned, and you're very soothing! I can't wait to do a video a day! As someone who just started weight training at home, I really needed this! Thank you:)

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    Only use money for the shipping

  21. The movement you shared is awsome, but i think you have to give up on your this kind of "fitness trainer" attitudes.

  22. Love, love, love this routine 😁 its been hard getting back into yoga since having my twins, but this routine is really helping to increase my flexibility and confidence. Thank you for this 🙏

  23. thanks Tara. I love doing this before moving into a longer yoga practice.

  24. nice and quick guided stretch! not really yoga but still fun on a time crunch.

  25. I can't listen to this video; she sounds like an auctioneer 🙄

  26. 😁🤗🤗🤗
    Was going 4 the 9 mn routine after a gooood shower but time is going….so thks 4 those great 5 mns!!!! Merciii!!!

  27. This is very helpful I m doing it from few days n it helped increase my flexibility. from long time I wanted to do a yogasan but was not able to do it after this it was very easy for me to do so just loved this experience.

  28. This was a nice routine but done too quickly and you talk too fast with a not very relaxing tone of voice

  29. No. This is not too fast. There are plenty of longer yoga stretch routines you can look up. This is for someone who needs a quick stretch, people! I just did this after a total body weight training workout to supplement the cool down that I did. It was perfect timing.

  30. If she had gone any slower there would either be less moves, or the circuit would be longer than 5 minutes.

  31. Its a five minute video you cant complain that its too fast…thats the point

  32. Great video. I had 5 minutes spare between fixing my kid and going to work! Thank you! Could I ask what camera you use for your video? I am looking to create some of these videos in China (where I'm currently based)

  33. I'm really supprised about all the comments 'it's too fast' – there are lots of great yoga videos online, and this one is clearly for people that are very busy and new to Yoga – this video is really helpful

  34. I do this every day for quick stretching. It's awesome, thank you, Tara!

  35. I might be on my own but I think this was perfect I did it after working out and I’m normally not motivated to do a long stretching routine so I totally enjoyed this and feel all comfortable and relaxed now thanks to you ☺️

  36. Can't express how good my lower back feels after this short stretch 😂 ma'am this is sooooo effective

  37. I only got a little bit stressed because she rushed so much with hard positions which require a lot of flexibility. I couldn't even breath during the the yoga time. If you want to do only 5 minutes try with less positions.

  38. I was looking for a short but effective yoga routine I can do after my usual workout. I understand that some people prefer slow movements to really feel the stretch and focus on the breathing… but for people like me who don't have a lot of time to spare, this is perfect. The instructions were clear despite the fast transitions. Thank you so much for this!

  39. Fantastic video, I do this in my office almost everyday when I need a midday push.

  40. I agree! I don't necessarily think the routine is too fast but her voice is. It sounds like an auction voice, not relaxing. I am not trying to say this in a mean way. Only as a suggestion for future videos. 🙂 The stretch was great!

  41. LOVE this! As a 57-year-old that is short on time, but in desperate need of stretching, this is a great start to my day or any time that I need a quick stretch.

  42. Too fast, i think!😐😐😐
    Yoga should be more slower with breathing! ! ! 🍀💖

  43. Can anyone recommend a slower video with these same stretches? I am a beginner and need something a little longer

  44. Lovely effective super quick stretch which I used following a strength workout. Thanks 🙏

  45. Dear Tara, You are the best Yoga 🧘‍♀️ Instructor 👩‍🏫 on YouTube! I shared your Yoga 🧘‍♂️ videos and link to my Grandfather, who is a Disabled Retired Firefighter 👨🏻‍🚒, who suffered numerous injuries to a point of being unable to work at a service he loved as much as life, but now it is time for him to get, “Tarasized!” Yes, he need to have Tara’s Yoga 🧘‍♀️ instructions as part of his everyday life, so he can live life with the best way possible, despite his work Injuries!

    I am a fan of you Tara, as you Rock! Why? Because you care and adapt your instructions for a wide range of people. Having said that, do you have or can you present a mini-series of Yoga 🧘‍♀️ for Seniors, especially for some who need assistance by using a chair. Just a thought Tara, but please consider my request for a Senior Yoga 🧘‍♀️ Program that is adaptive for their needs based upon their ability to work!

    Thank you 🙏 Tara!!


  46. It hurt a little but I'm more of a nonflex person but I loved it

  47. Impressive. One of the best videos I have come across. Thank you for your excellence.

  48. Love this workout!! I slow it down to 0.75 so I can get a good stretch and I’m good!

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