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– Hey Yogis. Today you will be practicing a total body workout for weight loss. It’s gonna be awesome, but first, I have a, just a little favor to ask of you. Other the years, thousands of people have joined my workshops, yoga classes, and retreats. Now I’m excited to share the beginnings of a special project that
I’ve been working on. I’m planning to create a resource where I share a step by
step yoga journey with you, so you too can get the
transformational benefits of a structured practice at home. In order to to make it something that is really useful to you, it would be incredible if you would answer a few questions. Please take this three minute survey. The link is in the description below. Every answer helps and will help me to serve you better, and I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to fill it out. Okay, so get your yoga
mat, get your blocks, and let’s get going. I’ll start sitting up nice and tall. Bring your hands together
in front of your heart and close your eyes. Take a long, smooth breath. We’ll start with an affirmation. So repeat it out loud or quietly to yourself. I am at peace with my own feelings, I am safe where I am. I love and approve of myself. Then let’s roll forward and make our way into Child’s pose. Tuck your toes under and have your knees in
line with your ankles and extend the arms forward, spread your fingers. Take a long, smooth breath in and an equal exhale. Then next inhale come up, bring your chest forward, lift your chin and tailbone. As you exhale, round your back. You can take your hips all the way back toward your heels. So long, smooth breath as
you inhale to come forward, widen the collarbones, lift your chin and tailbone, and exhale all the way back, rounding the back, hips to heels. Again, inhale, make your way forward, a little longer breath
this time if you can. Draw your shoulder
blades towards your waist and then exhale to round the back, and take the hips all the
way back to the heels. Inhale, come forward
again, onto the knees, bring the chest forward, lifting chin and tailbone, exhale. Pull the ribs and belly
in as you round the back, and then come to neutral. Turn your inner elbows forward slightly, and then tuck the toes into Downward Dog. Then stretch the left heel down as you keep the right
knee bent, and switch. Bicycle the legs back and forth. Make sure your arms are
shoulder’s distance apart and your feet are hip’s width, and bend both knees, stick the hips up and then extend the
heels towards the floor any amount, they never have to touch. Looking forward, walk your feet all the way to the hands. Inhale, bring hands to shins, look up to lengthen. Fold, exhale, bend the knees as needed and then press down through the feet. Inhale, reach all the way up, and exhale, bring the hands down. Come to the top of the mat, feet together or hip socket distance apart. Inhale, sweep the arms
out, around, and up, exhale, hinge from your hips and fold forward over your legs. Inhale, look up to lengthen, exhale, step back into Plank. Knees can be up or down. We’re gonna lower slowly,
slowly to the floor. Slide your hands by your low ribs, press all 10 toenails down, peel the chest up for Cobra, and then lower down, exhale. Tuck your toes under. Knees can stay down or lift the legs up. Exhale all the way to Plank, and then to Downward
Facing Dog, stretch back. Again, arms shoulder’s distance, feet to hip’s width, spread your fingers wide. Press in to the base of your fingers and lift up through your forms as you stretch back and
lengthen your spine. Look forward and bend the knees and step your feet to your hands, then inhale, look up, lengthen, fold forward as you exhale, press with the feet, rise up on your inhale, and bring the hands down back to the top of the mat. As you inhale, sweep the arms up, look up to lengthen. As you exhale, hinge forward
from your hip creases and fold Uttanasana. Inhale, look up, lengthen, exhale, make your way to Plank, hug your elbow in, shoulders no lower than elbows, please. Inhale into Up Dog, thighs
and knees off the floor, or stick with Cobra and come to Plank. You can hold it or Lower Chaturanga again, then press to Down Dog. Breathe here, even out the breath. So I’ve added a couple extra Chaturangas, you can skip them and hold Plank if that’s better for you. I added them in to create heat, so we’re working on yoga for weight loss, so we’re gonna turn it up a little notch. Look forward, step or hop feet to hands. Inhale, lengthen, fold, exhale. Press with the feet, rise up, inhale, exhale the hands down. Inhale again, sweep the arms up, exhale, hinge from the hips to fold. Inhale, lengthen your spine, look up. Exhale, step back to Plank. Hug the elbows in, Chaturanga, keep the legs firm. Inhaling Upward Dog or Cobra, exhale back to Plank. You can hold it or lower down halfway, shoulders no lower than elbows. Press up and back, Downward Facing Dog. As you spread your fingers wide, press down into the base of the fingers, lift up through the forearms, turn your outer upper arms back, spin them back, inner upper arms, your
biceps spin toward the front. Press a little extra in
the thumb first finger side of the hand. Look up, lightly step or
hop feet to hands, lengthen. Fold in on your exhale. Press through the feet, rise up, long spine, look up, exhale, Samastitihi, which means steady balance. Inhale, sweep the arms up, exhale, fold, hinging at the hip creases. Inhale, lengthen the spine, look up. Exhale, step or float, if you float, land in Chaturanga. Inhale, press with the hands and feet, exhale, stretch back to Plank. Either stay or Chaturanga press up and then to Downward Facing
Dog, all the way back. Make sure the feet are hip’s width apart. The outer edges of your feet are parallel. Press the weight up toward the hips and then reach it down toward the heels, firm the legs. Keep the arms and ears in align. Inhale, lift your right leg back and up from the inner thigh, exhale, hug it in, shoulders above wrist. Draw that knee in toward
the belly, hovering, and then step it up by the right hand. Come on up, make sure
right knee’s over ankle, bend the left knee, tilt your pelvis forward and bend, straighten it out. Pull your right hip back, reach up through arrow-straight arms. Draw your front ribs down, lift back ribs up. Exhale the hands down to Plank, lowering Chaturanga, inhaling, Upward Facing Dog, exhaling Downward Facing Dog. On the inhale, left leg lifts back and up from the inner thigh. Keep the hips level, exhale, hover, shoulders above wrist. Hug that left knee in toward the belly. Take a breath here, exhale, step it up by the left hand, bend to back knee to come up, then tilt the pelvis forward, lengthen your sitting bones, stretch up through the arms, now straighten that back leg and pull your left hip back. Draw your front ribs down, lift your back ribs up, exhale, bring the hands back down, Plank and Chaturanga. Inhale, press through hands and feet, exhale, tuck the toes
into Downward Facing Dog all the way back. Even out your breath here so your inhales and your
exhales are equal in length. Look up, lightly step or hop the feet. Inhale, halfway lift, exhale, fold in. Now let’s bend the knees,
drop the hips into Chair Pose as you inhale, and then come to Samastitihi exhale. Inhale again, bend the
knees, drop the hips into Chair Pose. Exhale, belly to thigh as thin, straighten the legs as much as they will. Inhale, lengthen, look up, exhale, step or float into Chaturanga. Inhale, pressing up, roll
the shoulder, heads back. Exhale to Down Dog. Inhale, step the right foot up, spin the back heel down for Warrior I. Exhale right away moving,
Chaturanga to Dandasana. Inhale, press through the hands and feet, exhale, stretch all the way back. Right away, let’s step the left foot up, spin the back heel down, Warrior I, make sure left knee’s over ankle. Exhale, Chaturanga, hug the elbows in, inhale, pressing up, exhale, stretch all the way back, evening out the breath here. Remember, take a Child’s Pose and rest, hit the pause button any time you like. It’s one of the great benefits of practicing at home. Two more breaths here, and then bend the knees, step or hop feet to hands, look up and
lengthen on the inhale, fold on the exhale, bend the knees, drop the hips, inhale, Chair Pose, exhale to stand. Once again we’ll inhale, bend the knees, drop the hips, Utkatasana Chair. Let’s hold it here, sit
back a little lower, shift the weight to the
heels, a little lower, a little bit lower. Take the hands down, or not, sit all the way down on to your bum for Boat Pose, Navasana. Keep the spine nice and long. Now extend the right
leg, squeeze the knees. Now extend the left leg. Squeeze the knees, lift the chest. Right leg straight, and inhale, left leg straight, inhale,
both legs straight. Keep the chest lifted. Exhale, lower halfway down. Come on up, inhale, exhale halfway down. If it bothers your back, just stay up. Inhale up, exhale halfway down, inhale, come on up, cross at your ankles. Roll forward, step or float to Chaturanga. Inhale, press through the hands and feet, tuck the toes, exhale for Downward Dog. Right foot steps, back foot flat. Inhale again, Warrior I, knee over ankle. Exhale, ride the breath down
through your Chaturanga, then inhale to press up, exhale, stretch back. Step the left foot up,
the back heel is down, Warrior I, inhale, knee over ankle. Exhale again through Chaturanga, or you can hold Plank and skip it. Inhale pressing up, exhale
stretching all the way back. Even out the breath here, arms and ears in line, pull the ribs and belly
in and up from the legs. Rest if you need it, but we’re gonna walk the feet about as wide as the mat. Walk the hands back to the feet. Squat down into Malasana. So squatting down, make sure your knees are lined up with your middle toes. So if your knees go out, your toes will go out. If you can point your knees forward, point your toes forward. Drop your buns down, lift your chest, and keep your spine really long, stretching out the lower
back, taking a little break, then walk yourself back
into Downward Facing Dog. Standing back here. Now look up, past the fingers, lightly step or hop your feet, then inhale, halfway lift. Fold in as you exhale. Bend the knees, drop the hips, Utkatasana, inhaling, and
come to standing, Samastitihi. Turn to face the long side of your mat, step your feet out nice and wide. Right leg all the way out back to a Zen. Line up heel to arch arms up, inhale, bend your knee, exhale. Make sure your right
knee is over your ankle and pointed straight ahead
over the middle toes. Gaze over your right
fingertips, lift your chest, then interlace your fingers behind you or you can hook the thumbs and wrap ’em around the front thigh. Look straight ahead instead
of over your right shoulder. Look toward the long side of the mat. Widen your chest, stretching
out the shoulders a little bit, opening the chest. Now straighten the right leg, take your feet to parallel, bring your hands toward
the center of your back. Open your chest, look up, exhale fold, press through to Padottanasana C. Picture the outer edges
of the feet stay parallel, pin the outer hips in, squeeze the inner thighs gently like you’re holding a big
beach ball between the legs. Have a couple hikers
coming down the trail, saying hello. Squeeze the legs to come up, inhale. Now left leg all the way out, back to a Zen. Make sure your left
knee is over your ankle, pointed straight ahead,
right over the middle toes. Lift your chest and let
your shoulder blades relax a little bit, then interlace your other
pinky or thumb on top. Wrap both hands around the front thigh. Open the chest, widen the collarbones, look toward the long side of the mat. Keep pressing your back thigh back, lifting your back inner thigh up and lift your lower belly in and up. Straighten the left leg, point your toes forward, look up, lengthen, inhale. Hinge from the hips, come forward, exhale. Try to keep your spine as long as you can. The crown of the head may or may not touch the floor, no big deal either way. Just so as long as you get a good stretch. Squeeze your outer
hips, your inner thighs. Shift the weight a little
toward the balls of the feet. Come on up on your inhale, and then release your hands. Arms up, inhale, hold
the breath, step or hop, and come to the front of the mat, exhale, back to Tadasana. Inhale, bend the knees,
again, come to Chair Pose. Exhale, belly to thighs,
and straighten the legs. Look up, lengthen, inhale. Exhale, step or float, Chaturanga, inhale, press through the hands
and feet, Up Dog or Cobra, and then exhale to Plank. Chaturanga or not, and then
to Downward Facing Dog. Right leg lifts, inhale,
from the inner thigh. Exhale, hover, draw the
knee toward the belly, shoulders over wrist but keep breathing. Now step it up by the right hand, stay on the ball of the back foot, bend the back knee a little, tilt the pelvis forward
then straighten the leg. So you can stay right here. Make sure the right knee’s over the ankle, stay here, especially
if any knee problems, or tap the back knee down and straighten. Inhale, tap, try to keep
the hips as low as you can. Exhale, straighten, inhale, tap the knee, exhale, straighten the leg. Now take at the leg, take the foot flat, line up heel to arch and
open up for Warrior II. Reverse your Warrior, make sure the right knee stays
over the ankle, exhale here. Keep reversing, but
straighten the right leg, stay for the exhale. Come up for Triangle Pose. Shorten the stance only if you like to. Hinge from your hip crease, reach, reach, reach, out and down. Stretch up through the left arm, press into the base of the
big toe of the right foot. Exhale, sweep the left arm forward, down, and then behind your back. Rest it at the low back or reach around to hook it on the thigh. Roll your top shoulder back. Try your right sitting bone under you, press your right calf toward the shin so you’re not locking out
your right knee joint. Look up only if it’s okay on your neck. Bend the knee, lengthen
the stance a little if you shortened it for interlock, or keep the right hand down on the ankle or form to thigh. If you can reach it around
underneath the thigh and interlock, cool. If not, also cool. Roll the top shoulder back, keep bending the front
knee over the ankle, and then release it. Bring both hands down, come to Plank. Exhale, Chaturanga,
inhale, Upward Facing Dog, exhale, Downward Facing Dog. Inhale, lift your left leg back and up from the inner thigh, exhale, knee toward belly, shoulders over wrist, hover. Take a breath here and then
step it up by the left hand. Stay on the ball of the back foot, bend the back knee a little bit, tilt the pelvis forward. Make sure your left knee
stays over your ankle. Stretch up through the arms, reach through the back leg. Now again, any knee
problems, you’re gonna stay, otherwise, tap the knee
down and straighten. Inhale, lightly tap it or just bend it a little. Exhale, straighten the
leg, keep the hips low. Inhale bend, exhale straighten. Now open up, line up
front heel with back arch. Make sure your knee stays over the angle, pointed over the middle toes. Lift your chest, gaze over
your fingertips, Warrior II. Even out your breath here,
and then reverse your Warrior. Exhale, bend into your left knee, keep reversing and
straighten the left leg. Stay for the exhale. Come on up on your
inhale, shorten the stance only if you like to. Hinge from your hip crease, reach, reach, reach, reach, out and down. Stretch up through the right arm, draw the left sitting bone underneath you as you press into the
base of the big toe mound of the left foot. Inhale, right arm in line with ear, exhale, sweep it in front of you, and then wrap it behind you. You can keep it at the low back or hook it on to the thigh. Do the best you can to roll
your top shoulder back. Keep pressing into that big
toe mound of the left foot, crown of the head reaching out, and then maybe looking up. But if it hurts the neck, don’t do it. Look down to bend the knee, maybe need to lengthen
your stance a little. Make sure the knee is over the ankle, and if you wish, left
hand underneath left thigh for the interlock, or you can hold on to
your shirt back there too if you can’t reach your hands. Press into the front heel, press with the outer
edge of the back foot, lifting the back inner
thigh, and releasing. Come to Plank, exhale through Chaturanga. Inhale, press up through
the hands and feet, exhale, Downward Facing Dog. If you want a break, take it, you can take the knees
down, take Child’s Pose, otherwise, even out the breath here, inhales and exhales equal in length and make your way to Plank. Step your feet together. I’m gonna roll to the pinky
toe side of the left foot, and reach the right arm up. You can always take the bottom
knee down for more support. Bring your top hip slightly forward so hips are lined up. Firm the legs, lengthen
your sitting bones to heels. Pull in your belly a lot. Take the hand down, come to Plank. You can stay there or Chaturanga. Inhaling, Upward Dog, exhaling,
Downward Dog, stretch back, just a breath. Pull the belly and ribs in, come back to Plank feet together, rolling to the pinky toe
side of the right foot and lifting up through the left arm. Bring your top hip a little bit forward so the hips are lined up. Lengthen your sitting
bones toward your heels, keep the legs nice and firm. If you can look up
toward the top hand, do, otherwise, no worries. Make your way back to Plank, you can go right to Down
Dog or Lower Chaturanga. Inhaling to Up Dog, exhale
back, Downward Facing Dog. Even out your breath, inhales and exhales equal in length. Make your way back to Plank, knees can be up or down. We’re gonna slowly, slowly lower all the way down to your belly, and then interlace your
fingers at your low back or hook your thumbs. Pull your belly in, pubic bone down, lift your shoulders, and then lift everything up. Lift the legs from the inner thighs. Keep the back of the neck nice and long, keep the belly lifted away from the mat to keep your low back safe. Then release, you can rest your
forehead down on your hands or take one ear down
on to the mat to rest. I’m gonna do some bank, some bank, some back strengthening, yikes. Interlace again, other
pinky or thumb on top, roll the shoulders away from the mat, pull the belly in and lift everything up. Pubic bone presses down so you’re lengthening your
sitting bones toward the heels. Keep the back of your neck nice and long, inner thighs lift up, breathe. Then let it all go,
rest your forehead down or rest the other ear down on to the mat. Now you can either keep your
arms alongside your body and lift up that way, or bend the knees, reach for the little toes
of the feet for Dhanurasana. It’s the same actions, lift
the shoulders, lift up, press the feet back,
lengthen your sitting bones towards the backs of your knees as you breathe here. Keep lifting up and pressing back. Then release it down slowly. Bring your hands by your low ribs, inhale to Upward Dog or to Cobra. Exhale, tuck the toes and stretch in to Downward Facing Dog. Look forward, step or hop and sit. Grab a block and bring it next to you, and then roll on to your back. I’m gonna take Bridge Pose. Line up your heels under your knees, make sure the outer edges
of your feet are parallel, pull your belly in, lift into Bridge: low back, mid back, maybe upper back. Roll the shoulders under, interlace fingers or
you can keep your arms alongside your body. Now step your feet in a little closer to one another, draw your right knee into your chest, extend it up toward the ceiling, keep pressing on to the left heel. Take it halfway down, line
up your knees, hold it there. Now bend the knee, take the right ankle just past the left knee, flex your ankle but keep lifting, keep
pressing into that left heel to lift up. Now we’re gonna strengthen the legs and release the right. We’re strengthening
those hamstring muscles. Left knee in, extend it up. Now press firmly into the right heel to keep yourself lifted. Take the left leg halfway down, line up the knees. Now bend the left knee, left ankle just past right
knee, flex the ankle. Keep lifting, pressing that
right heel, lifting up. Extend the leg and release it down, lower down slowly. Take a hand on to your belly, a hand on your heart center, soles of feet together, knees apart. Rest, close your eyes, breathe, hmm. Gratitude for this particular day, for this moment, for this wonderful body that we have that takes us places to let us do things. All right, supported Bridge Pose, grab your block, put it right at the base of the spine. Make sure that your heels are still under your knees,
and just breathe here. A couple long breaths, cooling down after we turned up the heat a bit today. Now bring your right knee into your chest and then your left and extend both legs
up toward the ceiling. This is a variation of Viparita Karani, or Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose without the wall. It’s very good to lower our stress levels, lower the cortisol in our body which can sometimes make
us hold on to weight that we don’t need. Bend the knees, take the
feet back to the floor and lift off the block, put it off to the side. Roll yourself down, and hug
your knees into your chest. Rock a little bit side to side. Then start to rock back and forth. If that doesn’t work for you, roll to your right side and come up. Take two or three rocks if you’re rocking, come up that way. Either way is great. Extend the legs for Dandasana. Take your hands next to you, sit up really tall. If it’s hard to sit up tall, sit up on a blanket. Inhale, reach the arms up, exhale, hinge from the
hips to come forward. Lengthen again, inhale,
extend as you exhale. Pull your toes back and flex your ankles. This will help keep
your legs nice and firm as you fold forward so that you don’t accidentally overstretch your hamstring muscles. Keep the spine as long as you can get it. Think belly to thighs instead of thinking head to knees. Inhale as head up, exhale to release. Now take soles of feet
together, knees apart for Baddha Konasana. Sit nice and tall, inhale, hinging again from the hips as you exhale. Again, instead of rounding the back, lead with the chest. Keep lengthening through the spine. We will round the back momentarily, but right now, it’s all about the length. Inhale to come up. Now slide your feet forward or slide your buns back so you have more space, and then exhale, round yourself down. So now we’ll round the
forehead toward the feet, get into the lower back, a little big stretch there, as well as stretching
inner thighs, outer hips. Inhale slowly up, and then take your knees together, roll yourself down onto your back. Then take your hips
over the right a little, drop your knees to the left, look over your right shoulder. Try and turn your belly
up toward the ceiling as you make this twist. The inhales and exhales equal in length, twisting is so good for many, many things including digestion. Take the knees to
center, hips to the left, knees to the right. Look over your left shoulder unless it bothers your neck. Turn your belly up toward the ceiling to get the twist a little more intense if it feels okay on your body. Yoga helps us feel better, so do the things in your
body that feel better. Come to center, hug both
knees into the chest, and lengthen your sitting
bones towards the floor. Release your feet back down and then extend the legs. Then let your arms come out to the sides with your palms facing up, feet flop open, release your breathing,
just natural breathing now. Our quote is from an unknown author: “This bright new day
complete with 24 hours “of opportunities, choices, and attitudes, “a perfectly matched set of 1,040 minutes. “This unique gift, this one day, “cannot be exchanged,
replaced, or refunded. “Handle with care. “Make the most of it. “There is only one to a customer.” Rest, I’ll be back in a moment. Take a long breath, start to wiggle your
fingers and your toes, begin to circle your
wrists and your ankles. Inhale, stretch your arms
overhead for a long stretch, and then bend the knees. Carefully roll yourself
on to your right side and thank yourself for
taking your practice today, good work. Slowly make your way up to seated, sit up nice and tall. Let’s bring our hands together. Bring the hands to the forehead, reminding us to have
clear and loving thoughts, our hands to the heart center, reminding us to have clear
and loving intentions, and our hands to the mouth reminding us to have clear
and loving communications. Let’s send out this
positive energy we created to all beings everywhere, namaste. Great job yogi. Thanks for joining me today. For more yoga classes every day, go to fightmasteryoga.com and click the Daily Yoga Class. We can practice every day together. Don’t forget the survey,
that link is below. Seriously, it takes three minutes. One more thing, hit the subscribe button and don’t forget the bell because I’m making all
kinds of videos for you and I don’t want you to miss any of them. I’ll see you soon, bye.

Jerry Heath

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