2020 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Day 7 – Fr. Dimitri Sala, OFM

Hello. My name is father Dimitri Sala.
I’m a Franciscan priest in Chicago in a full-time ministry of the word and the
author of a book entitled the Stained Glass Curtain. It’s a book written about
relationship between Catholics and evangelical Protestants or those we
would call born-again Christians. I’ve gotten to know a lot of born-again
Christians from different denominations and in my experience there seems to be a
consistently burning issue that continues to raise itself up and still
does so today. It’s the question that Protestants ask, doesn’t the Catholic
Church actually preach a false gospel? In other words, don’t we give a wrong answer to the question of how a person can be saved from sin and have a right
relationship with God both here and for all eternity? Well obviously that’s an
important ecumenical question, but I’m afraid that without a clear answer to
that question, a lot of what we call our ecumenical dialogue can be compared to
let’s say architects that are discussing the design and the fifth or sixth floor
of a building whose foundation is not really secure. My prayer for Christian
unity is that we would finally come to terms with this foundational issue.
Wouldn’t it be fantastic if let’s say Protestants and Catholics will be able
to come into agreement about the full content of this message of salvation?
This gospel that we say we preach and thereby come to see that it is indeed
part of what the Second Vatican Council called our common heritage. Thanks for
listening and God bless you

Jerry Heath

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