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– [Lesley] Welcome to Fightmaster Yoga. I’m Lesley Fightmaster. This is Yoga Fix 30 and we are on day six. So this’ll be a total body flow. Sit up nice and tall. Start to come into your breathing. Close your eyes. Ground down through your sitting bones as you lengthen through
the crown of your head. Bring hands together for our affirmation. I am a divine expression of life. I love and accept myself
where I am right now. So keeping that intention with you today. We’re going to make
our way onto our backs. Have a strap handy. We could always use the towel or a belt. Standing the right leg up,
putting the strap on the ball of the right foot, but
drawing right hip forward. Make sure the left toes
point up toward the ceiling. As you hold the strap in the right hand, release any tension in the
neck and the shoulders. Now take your left hand
on top of your left thigh. Start to open the right leg to the right, looking over the left shoulder. If it bothers the neck, then don’t look over the
left shoulder, just look up. We’re stretching out the
hip, but we want to keep that left hip grounded down for more stability. And as we stretch open
the hip, if it comes up, just come out a little bit. Come back to center, switch
hands with your strap, exhale and twist, to go the other side. So as you’re twisting, try and turn your belly
up toward the ceiling. And again, look over the right shoulder, but if it bothers the
neck, you can just look up. Inhale back to center. Now we’ll exhale, lift your head and shoulders for three breaths. Pull the belly in, two and slowly release. Release the right leg, extend
it next to the left leg, notice the difference and
then bend the left knee. Put the strap on the ball of the left foot as you extend the left leg up. But draw your left hip forward,
so your hips are level. Breathe here, again, release any tension in the shoulders and in the
jaw as you’re breathing here. Point your right toes
up toward the ceiling. You can close your eyes or keep them open, whatever’s more comfortable. Now, place your right
hand on your right hip and open the left leg to the left, maybe looking over the right shoulder. So again, we want to keep
the right hip grounded down and move from that place of stability. If it pops up off the
floor, and it just might, come up out of the stretch a little bit, reground it and maybe don’t go so deep. Inhale center, switch
hands with the strap, exhale, take it over to
the right for your twist. Looking over the left shoulder
and as you’re twisting, turn your belly up toward the ceiling. The left shoulder might be down
on the floor, it might not, but do try to get the shoulder blade, the upper back on the floor. Come back to center, inhale, exhale, lift the head and shoulders
for three breaths. Pull the belly in for two and release it. You can put the strap off to the side and then extend both legs out. Point toes up to the ceiling
and now bend the knees, take the heels under the hips,
or sorry, heels under knees. Inhale, lift the hips into a gentle bridge and then as you exhale, lower back down. So we’re still warming
up, so we won’t hold it. Press into the heels,
inhale, lift low back, mid back, maybe upper back, maybe not. Exhale, lower slowly. And inhale again, lifting up, spiral your thighs in toward each other. Exhale and lower back down. This time inhale, lift, reach your arms in line with your ears, draw your front ribs down, lengthen your sitting bones
towards the backs of your knees, exhale, lower down,
take the arms with you. Heels under knees, inhale to lift. Reach the arms up and over. Exhale, take ’em back down as you lower one vertebra at a time. Once again, inhale, lift,
reach the arms up and over. Spiral the thighs in toward teach other. Exhale, take the arms down
by your sides as you lower. And now hug your knees into
your chest into Apanasana. Gently rock side to side. Roll to your right side. Use your left hand to press yourself up, let your head come up
last and then roll forward onto the hands and the knees. Take the hips back to the heels, keep the arms extended
forward for child’s pose. Spread the fingers wide and
them come up onto the knees, tuck your toes and made your
way into downward facing dog. Arms shoulder’s distance
and your feet hip’s width. And then bicycle the legs here, bending one knee and the other. Bend both knees, stick your hips up high. Now straighten the legs
as much as you can, keeping all that length in your spine. Pull your ribs and belly in and up. Make sure your wrist creases are parallel with the front of the mat. If you have any pain in
the wrist, you can try turning fingertips out
toward the sides of the mat. Otherwise, wrist creases parallel. Look forward and step
your feet to your hands, inhale, hands to shins, lengthen. Exhale, fold over your
legs, press with the feet, rise up on your inhale and
exhale, bring hands to heart. To Tadasana, then feet
hips width or together. Inhale, sweep your arms
up, look up to lengthen. Exhale, hinge from your hips
and fold over your legs. Inhale, lengthen, look up. Exhale, step to plank
and put the knees down, lower all the way down to your belly. Untuck your toes, hands by low ribs, inhale, peel your chest
up for a little cobra, then tuck your toes, lift
up and back into down dog. So sun salutation A,
first one is modified. You can stay with that
modified sun salutation today and every day, if you like. Take another long breath in. Exhale everything out. Look up past the fingers,
lightly step or hop your feet up. Inhale half way up,
exhale and fold forward. Press with the feet,
rise up on your inhale. Exhale, bring the hands to heart. Inhale again, sweep the arms up, exhale, fold over the legs,
hinging from your hips. Keep your spine long. Inhale, lengthen, look up. Exhale, stepping or floating back. Move through Chaturanga,
shoulders no lower than elbows. Knees can be down here. Inhale upward dog or stick with cobra. Exhale, use the belly muscles to make your transition to down dog. Spread the fingers nice and wide, press down into the base of the fingers and then inhale, lift your
right leg back and up. As you exhale, take it
right between the hands, step it forward, spin back,
heel down for warrior two. Make sure you’ve lined up heel to arch. Lift your chest, draw your shoulder blades
away from the ears. Now, wrap your left arm behind you, inhale, reverse your warrior. Exhale, lean forward, wrap your
right arm around your belly, left arm over for side angle. Press into the heel, we’ll do it again. Inhale, come up, left arm behind
the back, reverse, exhale. Inhale back up, lean forward,
right arm around belly, left arm forward, spin
the left tricep down. Inhale again, once again,
left arm behind, right arm up, reverse, exhale, bend the knee. Inhale back up, right arm around belly, left arm forward, keep
pressing into the front heel. Come to warrior two, as you
exhale, windmill your arms down. Make your way to down dog. Either through Chaturanga as you exhale, or you can go right into it. Inhaling upward dog,
exhaling back, downward dog. Inhale, lift the left leg back
and up from the inner thigh. Exhale, slowly step it
up between the hands, spin the back heel down. Inhale, warrior two. Double check you’ve lined
up front heel and back arch. Left knee is over the ankle. Lift your chest, draw your shoulder blades gently toward the waist. Now, bring right hand
behind back, reverse, exhale here, inhale,
come up, lean forward, left arm around the belly
(clears throat) excuse me, right around up and over, side angle. Inhale back up and reverse. Exhale, maybe lengthen out the breath, lean forward, left hand around
belly, right arm up and over. Once again, inhale, reverse your warrior, right hand behind your back. Exhale, lean forward,
left arm around belly, right arm up and over,
spin the right tricep down. Press into the front heel,
warrior two as you inhale. Windmill your arms down and
take your vinyasa as you exhale. Just remember you can
always modify the vinyasas, staying with low cobra,
keeping the knees down or skip it completely or
you can do the full one. It’s up to you. Stretch back here, get nice
and long through your spine. And then looking up, step or
lightly hop feet to hands. Inhale, look up, lengthen,
exhale, fold over the legs. Press with the feet, inhale,
rise up, look up, lengthen. Exhale, bring hands to heart. Inhale again, sweep the arms up, exhale, fold over your legs. As you inhale, lengthen
the spine, look up, exhale, step to plank
and as you come down, you’re gonna come onto your forearms. So this is a forearm variation, inhale to sphinx pose a little. Back bend, exhale to dolphin pose. So if your wrists ever bother
you, this is your variation. You can do this all the time if need be. Want to make sure your elbows are right underneath the shoulders,
shoulders distance apart. To come out of it, come
down onto the knees, step feet to hands,
inhale, lengthen, look up. Exhale and fold. Press down to rise up on your inhale. Exhale, Samasthiti. Inhale again, sweep the arms up. Exhale, fold over your legs. Inhale, lengthen, look up. Exhale, step to plank, chaturanga. Inhale, upward dog or cobra,
shoulders over wrists. Exhale, downward dog. Inhale, right leg lifts. Exhale, step up between the
hands, spin the back heel down. Inhale, warrior two. Exhale here, now left
hand to the back leg, reverse your warrior, exhale bending. This time we’ll straighten the
front leg, reverse triangle. Next inhale, come up, shorten
the stance if you like for triangle pose, hinge from
your front hip, reach out and down, right hand to shin,
foot, floor or use a block. Stretch with the left arm. Reach the crown of your
head forward, look up, exhale, reach the left
arm in line with the ear. If it bothers your neck
to look up, don’t do it. Inhale, take it back to the hip. Exhale, bring it all the way
forward in line with your ear. Big inhale, take it to
your hip, long breath. Exhale, sweep it in line
with the ear, long exhale. Inhale, bring it back to your hip, and then looking down, take
the hands on either side of the foot, come to plank,
lower chaturanga or skip it. Inhale, pressing up and exhale,
stretch all the way back. Inhale, left leg lifts back and up, exhale, step up between the hands. Spin the back heel down,
lining heel to arch. Inhale warrior two and exhale here. Inhale, reverse your warrior,
bend into the left knee and then next inhale, straighten it out, stretch the side body. As you inhale, come up for triangle pose. Shorten the stance if you like. Hinge from your front hip
crease, reach out and then down. Stretch up through your right arm. Shoulders away from the
ears, bottom ribs forward, spin top ribs back. Inhale, reach your right arm
forward, in line with your ear. As you exhale, bring it
back toward your hip. Little longer breath, inhale, bring it forward in line
with the ear, long inhale. Long exhale as you take the
right hand back to the hip. One more time. Longest breath, inhale, bring it forward, and exhale, take it back. Reach the right arm up toward the ceiling, look down, bend the knee,
step back into plank. Lower through chaturanga, inhale, press up through the hands and feet. Exhale, tuck the toes, downward dog. Stretch back here, remember
you can always push the pause button, take a
break whenever you need to. Breathe here, evening out your breath. And now look up and lightly
step or hop feet to hands. Inhale, halfway up,
lengthen, exhale, fold. Press down as you inhale and rise up. And exhale, bring hands to the heart. Turn toward the long side of your mat and step your feet out nice and wide. Point your toes in
slightly toward each other, hands to hips, inhale, look up. Exhale, come forward, finger tips down, then lengthen your spine, inhale. As you exhale, keep your right hand down and reach your left arm up and twist. So on your inhale, lengthen your spine, exhale, maybe go deeper, your right hand moving toward
your left ankle or foot. Keep stretching up through the left arm, as you pull your right hip back. Inhale back to center, look up, lengthen, now keep the left hand
down, right arm up, twist. So again, lengthen as you
inhale, keep the hips level. Exhale, you can stay or
left hand toward right foot to twist a little deeper. Try to pull your right
hip down and pull it back. Come back to center, look
up, lengthen, inhale. Exhale, hands to hips with a long spine. Inhale, come up, step or
hop your feet together and make your way back
to the front of the mat. Samasthiti Tadasana pose. Inhale, sweep your arms
up, look up, lengthen. Exhale and fold over your legs. Inhale, lengthen your spine, look up. Exhale, step or float back. Moving chaturanga, then this time all the way down to the mat. Take your arms alongside your body, inhale, lifting up to Shalabhasana. Interlace fingers or hook your thumbs. Spin the inner thighs up, keep the back of your neck nice and long. Reach your sitting bones toward your heels and then slowly release and rest. Take your left forearm parallel
with the front of the mat, reach your right hand
back for your right foot. If you don’t reach it, no worries. Just bend that knee as if
you were gonna hold it. You can hold it or bring it forward and now resist it away, so you stretch out the
front of your right thigh. And release and rest. And now right forearm
parallel, bend the left knee. If you can reach the foot, take it or you could always use a strap. Lifting it up, pressing
it away to resist it. Or you can bring it forward,
take it to the outside of the hip, but still resist it away. So I’m pressing my foot against my hand, so I can get a good stretch
in the front of my leg. Slowly release it. Bring hands by low ribs, inhale,
compress up onto your knees and take hips back to
heels for child’s pose. Take your knees nice and
wide if that’s comfortable for your knees and just
let your belly rest between your legs and breathe here. Make your way back up onto the knees, tuck the toes for down dog, stretch back, get really long through your spine and then step or hop to seated. Extend your legs in front,
reach up through the arms, inhale, hinge from the
hips, reach for the feet, lengthen as you inhale. Extend forward as you exhale. If it’s hard to reach the
feet, you can always use your strap or you could
hold onto your legs instead. Keep your spine nice and long. Head up, inhale, and release. Bend your knees, come onto your back, take your hips over to the right, drop your knees to the left. If you want a deeper twist, cross your right knee on top of your left. Look over your right shoulder and twist, turning your belly up toward the ceiling as you make your twist. Inhale to center, pick up the hips, take them a little to the
left, knees to the right and cross the left knee over the right if you want a deeper twist. Again, look over your left shoulder. Turn the belly up toward
the ceiling as you twist and then back to center. Hug both knees into your chest, lengthen your sitting
bones toward the floor. Rock yourself up to seated, if you need to switch sides
on your mat like I did, so the sun wasn’t in my face
or just lie down for Shavasana. Let your feet flop open, arms
by your sides, palms faced up. Our quote today is from Henry Ford. He said, “Whether you think you can, “or you think you can’t, you’re right.” Take a few moments here to rest. I will be back shortly. Start to make movements in
your fingers and your toes. Stretch your arms over our head, take a big, long breath
and then bend your knees. Roll yourself off to your right side. Thank yourself for taking
your practice today and using the left hand to
press yourself up to seated, cross at your shins,
bring your hands together. And let’s bring our hands
to the forehead to remind us to have clear and loving thoughts and our hands to the heart, reminding us to have clear
and loving intentions. And our hands to the mouth, reminding us to have clear
and loving communications, sending out positive energy
to all beings everywhere. Namaste. Thank you so much for joining me today. I look forward to seeing
you again tomorrow. Don’t forget to hit subscribe
and push the little bell next to the subscribe button so that you get all of our classes. Yoga teacher training is
the ultimate way to deepen your practice and this year I
have a new training program, which allows you to study
both online and in person. You can get details at
Fightmasteryoga.com/ytt. See ya tomorrow, bye!

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