20 Minute Total Body Yoga Flow (Flexibility and Strength Workout) | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

Jerry Heath


  1. definitely the best yoga videos i've come across, xo thanks for sharing!

  2. Such a beautiful practice which leaves nothing to be desired. Well done, Lesley! Thank you so much!

  3. amaizing as always ๐Ÿ™‚
    would love if you could help me, my wrist started to hurt for a few months already(like when im in plank, handstand, crow), maybe there're some exercises to help with it?

  4. I like your alignment tips as you go along. My only complaint is getting in and out of the poses seems a little rushed. I have only been doing yoga for a year so maybe its because I am still a newbie, but sometimes I need a moment to settle into a pose and do a mental check of the alignment you describe as you go along. I need just a second or two more.

  5. I like it. Good for when I dont hae much time asthe pace is a bit brisk . Thank you

  6. Hi Leslie! First of all, thank you for posting your yoga videos! I was doing one of them a few days ago and you mentioned something about the meaning of "student" in Sanskrit – if I'm not mistaken! I remember wanting to write it down, but I forgot to save the video. Could you kindly tell me which one is it? I would love to meditate on that meaning again. Thank you!!

  7. Thank you Lesley for another great yoga training. I did it outdoor since it warm I Sweden this year ๐Ÿ˜Š. I think my hips finally open up, something is definitely going on there. Your the best

  8. Good morning Lesley, great flow. This sequence help to warm up my core as well as provided some needed stress relief. Thank you for sharing as always your yoga vids are wonderful.

  9. I love the way you start the class with a positive intention. I love when you say think of something you're grateful for! Thank you for sharing! Namaste!

  10. I love your positivity! I really enjoy the shorter videos. Makes it possible to add yoga practice into my busy schedule. You have made them so well rounded I find it possible to add a class a couple times a day when I have time! You are a fabulous teacher! Thank you:)

  11. Great start to the day, beginers yoga day 18 and the 20 minute flow , it's-10c in Toronto but am sweating after your class. Thank you Lesley

  12. Thanks! Just what I needed today. I went to a very intense class on Monday, and needed a lighter shorter class to ease out some of the aches and pains.

  13. This class is short and has so much in it…just love it. Perfect when short on time but want to feel like you've gotten your practice in for the day. As usual….thanks Lesley – you're the best!!

  14. Thank You very much Leslie, I appreciate you. Love and light to you<3

  15. Nice season to get the body moving and heated to, thank you Lesley! (Had to improvise at times as I didn't know I needed a block and strap) ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ƒ

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