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– You are about to feel better. Today’s yoga class is beginner’s yoga for flexibility and relaxation. Grab two yoga blocks and a yoga mat, put on something comfortable,
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you to miss any yoga. Remember, practice yoga, feel better. I’m Lesley Fightmaster and
this is Fightmaster Yoga. We’ll begin sitting. Sit up as tall as you can. Take a couple of long
breaths, closing your eyes. Let’s bring the hands together
in front of the hearts. May our practice today help us to continue our transformational
journey to feeling better. And then roll yourself
forward down to your hands and knees right into table position. Wrists under shoulders, knees under hips. Draw your lower belly in
and up and as you inhale bring your chest forward, lift your chin, gently lift the tailbone,
and then as you exhale try to tuck and around your
back and then take your hips all the way back into
the heels for child’s pose. We’re gonna do this a few times. So inhale to come forward,
widen your collarbones lifting chin and tailbone,
exhale round the back, chin toward chest, draw
the belly in and up, take hips back toward heels. Let’s try a little
longer breath, so inhale, slowly coming forward all
the way, one breath in, and then one long exhale,
chin toward chest, rounding back, hips toward heels. Nice and slow. And one more time, nice
long smooth inhale. Slowly coming forward,
lengthening out the breath, and then as you exhale slowly bring yourself back into your child’s pose. Remember the breath in
and out through the nose with that little constriction
in the back of the throat. Inhale again, come back to table. Walk your hands so they’re
underneath the shoulders again. And now we’ll step the
right foot up by the right hand and tuck your back toes under. Pad up your left knee if
you have any discomfort there at all, use a pillow or a blanket. And then rest your hands on your leg. The right leg, pull the right hip back, inahle, arms reach up. Remember to watch that
the ribcage pulls in. And then, keep the belly lifted, perhaps sinking forward a little bit. And then inhale back out,
drop the tailbone down, keep the belly lifted, exhale
sink forward any amounts. Inhale again backing out,
pull the right hip back, exhale sinking forward,
make sure the right knee stays over the ankle
even as you sink forward. Holding here stretch up through the arms, shoulder blades relaxed,
and then bring the hands on the inside of the right foot. Inhale, bring your chest forward. If you can’t reach the floor, I recommend hands on blocks
or a big, thick book. Keep pulling the right hip back, shoulder blades toward the waist. And then exhale, take that right leg back, and return to table. We’ll do the other leg now. So inhale stepping the left
foot up by the left hand. Pad up the right knee
if it needs any padding. Rest your hands on your
leg pulling left hip back. Tuck the back toes under, and then reach both arms up as you inhale, being careful of the ribs stay drawing in, and that the tailbone
stays lengthening down. And the next exhale start to sink in a little bit but keep the belly lifted. Inhale back out of it, pull left hip back. Exhale, sinking in,
stretching out the hip flexor on that right side, inhale
back out, stretching up tall. Exhale, sinking in,
remember, keep the left knee over the ankle even as you sink in. Inhale, backing out of it,
exhale, sinking forward. And holding here pull the left hip back, reach up through arrow straight arms, you can even take the arms wider. Exhale, bring hands on
inside of left foot, pull the chest forward,
make a nice long spine on your inhale, and stay
here for your exhale remembering that you can
put your hands on a block or some sort of Encyclopedia Britannica. And then make your back to table, and then extended child’s pose. Do they even still have
Encyclopedia Britannica? I’m not sure (laughs). Now make your way back
up, grab your two blocks, and bring them by the front of the mat. You may or may not use
them, but have them handy. Make your way back to table and then step the right foot forward again. This time we’ll bring the blocks on either side of the right root. Pull the right hip back,
sit up nice and tall, make sure not rounding the
spine but keeping a long spine. Tuck the back toes under. Lift the belly, and
then at exhale start to straighten the front leg
any amount, folding forward, hinging at the hip creases to
keep the back nice and long. Inhale, bend the knee, keep the knee over the
ankle into your lunge, and exhale straighten the
leg, pull the hip back, folding forward stretching the hamstrings. Inhale again, bend the knee. Lift the chest, exhale,
straighten the leg, and fold over your straight right leg. And inhale, make your way
forward again into your lunge. And exhale once again, straighten the leg, keep pulling your right hip back, and squeeze your left hip in
towards center for stability. Holding here, take a couple breaths, release the shoulder
blades, soften the jaw. Now re-bend that knee
and then take your blocks on the inside of the right foot. So here you can stay with
your hands on the blocks or your hands on the
grounds or you can take your block and take your forearms onto the block to go in a little bit deeper. And the block can be any heights. You can even put one
forearm on each block. Pull the right hip back
and draw your right knee in toward your right
shoulder so that your knee is pointed over your middle toes. That’ll keep your knee safe. Take another breath, and then inhale, come on up, and make
your way back to table, setting up your blocks again
at the front of your mat. Draw the belly in and up,
step the left foot forward right in line with the knee
so ankle and knee line up. Hands on blocks, keeping
the spine nice and long widen your collar bones,
tuck your back toes under for a little more stability. Exhale, straighten the left
leg, hinge from your hip creases to fold over the leg, keep
your back nice and flat. Inhale, bend the knee, knee
over ankle pointed over the middle toes, exhale,
straighten the leg, and fold over the leg. Again, inhale, bending the
knee, pull your left hip back, squeeze your right hip in toward center, and exhale, straighten the leg, still pulling left hip back
and squeezing right hip in. Inhale to bend the knee, lift the chest, shoulder blades softened toward the waist. Exhale, straighten the
leg, folding forward, keeping a nice long spine. You can even take your blocks lower if you have a little more flexibility today, which never matters how
deep you get into a stretch, as long as you feel the stretch,
that’s what’s important. Now bend the left knee again, bring the blocks on the
inside of the left foot. Hands on blocks, you can stay right here or hands on the mats or you can take your forearms onto one or both blocks. Again, draw the left knee
in toward the shoulder. Point it straight ahead so it’s
right over the middle toes, and then try to drop your
left hip down toward the mat, lifting your right hip away from the mat. So the hips stay level,
or the pelvis level. Remember your steady breathing. And then walk yourself up on your inhale. Returning to table move
the blocks out of the way. And then stretch your hips back to the heels for child’s pose. Keep the arms extended in front of you. Spread the fingers, come
up on to the knees again. Turn your inner elbows
gently forward as you tuck your toes and lift your
knees up, but keep them bent. So downward facing dog
with the knees bent. Stretch out your back, and
then return to your knees, and make your way again to child’s pose. Make sure your arms are
shoulder’s distance apart. Spread the fingers, press in
to the base of the fingers, come to the knees, inner
elbows gently forward, and stretch back again, knees
bent to stretch out your back, and then straighten through the right leg, keep left knee bent, and switch. Straighten left, bend right. Make sure your feet are hip’s width apart. Bend both knees again and
then take the knees back down and hips back to the
heels into child’s pose. Check in with your breathing. Make sure your inhales and
exhales are equal in length. Back up on to the knees, tucking the toes once again for down dog. Pull your ribs and belly in and up. Stretch out through the right
leg, keep left knee bent. Stretch out through the left leg keeping the right knee bent. Bend left knee, straighten right. Bend right knee, straighten left. Bend both knees, stick
your hips way up high, pull in through the ribs and belly, and then straighten both
legs as much as they will. If they don’t straighten all the way, it’s totally okay, do what you can. And now take the knees back down. Hips back to heels. Child’s pose with the arms extended. This is a great pose to
stretch out your back, you can even press into the base of the fingers here and lengthen. Now we’re gonna come on to the forearms. You can either interlace fingers or press your palms down on the mat, but make sure your elbows don’t go wider than the shoulders, keep
’em right underneath. Tuck your toes, lift up,
this is called dolphin pose. Knees can be bent or straight. If at any time you’re putting pressure on your hands and your wrists get tired, then come onto your forearms
and take this modification. Dolphin pose does the
same thing as down dog, in fact, it strengthens
the shoulders a lot. Come back to child’s pose to rest. Nice long, smooth inhales and exhales and then make your way back up onto the knees and our elbows gently forward. Come back to down dog,
press a little extra weight into the thumb and first
finger side of the hands as you reach your heels
toward the mat any amounts. Try not to walk your feet
in closer to the hands, ’cause we really want as much length in the spine as we can get. Bend the knees, walk your
feet toward your hands, then bring hands to shins or above knees, and lengthen on your inhale. And then fold as you exhale,
bend the knees as needed, your hands can touch your legs, they don’t have to touch the ground. With a really long spine,
inhale, come all the way up, stretch up nice and tall, watch the ribs, though, pull ’em in, and then exhale, bring the hands down
right by your sides and come to the top of the mats, tadasana. Feet hip’s width apart or together, outer edges of feet
parallel, firm the legs. Grab a block and hold it
between your inner thighs and that will firm your legs for you. Outer hips gently pin
in and lift the belly, widen across the collar
bones, lift the chest, keep the belly drawing in and up, shoulder blades toward the waist, so bring shoulders up, back, and down. Let ’em soften, lift your chest. Keep your chin parallel with the floor. Inhale, circle your arms
out, around, and up, palms face each other at
the top, watch those ribs. As you exhale, bring the
arms back down by your sides. Grab your other block if
you have it and palms on the outside of the block,
press into the block, inhale, take your arms up and over. They might line up with
the ears, they might not, but remember the ribs, pull ’em in. You can always have your
hands in front of your shoulders if your shoulders
feel a little tight here. It’s better to do that
than let your lower back arch and let your ribs pop out. And then exhale, bring
the block back down. Once again, inhale, bring the block up, arms by ears as close as
you can while keeping ribs drawing down and tailbone
lengthening toward heels. Arrow straight arms. And exhale, bring the block back down. You can set the blocks
down next to your mat. Coming back to tadasana at the front. From the legs, belly
in, sweep the arms out, around, and up as you inhale. Look up if it doesn’t bother your neck. Exhale, hinge from your hips, come forward with a nice flat back. Hips over heels, then
inhale, come halfway up, lengthen out the spine, chest forward. Bend the knees, plant the
palms, step your left foot, and then right foot back for downward facing dog, adho mukha shvanasana. Make sure your feet are hip’s width apart. Now inhale, come forward to plank, the top of a push-up, pull your belly in. Now take your knees to the mat and pause. Take a breath in (loud breath), exhale, lift the knees again, chest forward, lengthen your sitting
bones toward the heels. Make sure your legs are nice and firm. Inhale, knees down, and pause. And take a breath in,
exhale, lift the knees again, use your belly muscles to hold you here, and use the leg muscles nice
and firmly to stabilize. Inhale, knees down,
exhale, child’s pose, rest. We use those core muscles
to hold us in plank pose, and those are going to get
really strong over time. And then come on up, take
your hips off to one side so you can extend your
legs in front of you. Knees bent, feet on the mat, hold on behind your
thighs, lift your chest, shift your weight back so
your feet come off the floor. This is a boat pose variation. And then set the feet down. Once again, lift the chest, lean back, make sure your back doesn’t round, so keep lifting the chest, use your belly muscles
to hold you in place. And then release the feet back down and scoot a little forward so
you can roll onto your back. Hug your knees into your chest, gently rocking here side to side. Breathing here, and then
take your feet to the mat. Drop your knees over to the left and look over your right shoulder
for a gentle twist. As I’ve mentioned
before, twisting is great for keeping the spine healthy. It’s also really good for digestion. Inhale, bring your
knees to center, exhale, take them over to the right,
look over the left shoulder. If it bothers your neck to
look over the shoulder you don’t have to, you can
always look straight up. Do the best you can to turn
your belly toward the ceiling as you take your knees to the right. Inhale, back to center,
hug your knees to your chest once again, this
time lengthen your sitting bones toward the floor to
stretch out your lower back. And now release your feet. Keep lengthening your
tailbone toward the backs of the knees, shoulder
blades toward the waist, let your feet flop open, arms by your sides, palms up to rest. As you’re settling in,
our quote today is from Mary Pickford, “You may have
a fresh start any moment you choose, for this
thing that we call failure is not the falling down
but the staying down.” For now, relax, I’ll be back in a moment. Begin to take a couple of deeper breaths. Not moving anything yet, just
becoming aware of your breath. Then slowly make some
little movements in your fingers and your toes, hands and feet. Inhale, arms overhead one more time. Nice long stretch, and
then bend your knees and roll yourself onto your right side. Take a moment to thank yourself
for taking your practice. Slowly come on up to
seated, a comfortable seat. Bring your hands in front of
your heart, palms touching. Let’s bring our hands to
the forehead reminding us to have clear and loving thoughts. Hands to heart reminding us to have clear and loving intentions. And the hands to the mouth reminding us to have clear and loving communications, sending positive energy out
to all beings everywhere. Namaste. See you next time, thank you, bye. Great job, yogi. You practiced yoga, you’re feeling better, and if you want more, go
to fightmasteryoga.com, click at the Daily Yoga Class, and then there’s a beginner section. Practice yoga everyday, feel better.

Jerry Heath


  1. This was such a great routine to start my morning, love how easy you describe each position and gently change from one to another, Thank You!

  2. AAAHHHHHH i just love the shalabasena part, and btw the shivering level is decreasing so thanks a lot…the quote of the day is really amazing….have a wonderful day Lesley…much love <3

  3. This was a great video Lesley! Your voice is very calming and instructions very clear <3 . I have analogous videos with some varied asanas and stretches for building flexibility for new yogis. Do check it out 🙂

  4. Thank you Lesley! I was wondering – in my forward folds I can't seem to make progress and not sure what I'm doing wrong, any thoughts?

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