【超癒】えみちゃんと休憩【3DASMR】tuning fork

A Short Break With Maid-san
Voiced by: Aoyagi Ruu Ah, master! What are you doing in a place like this~? Right… So you’re here to take a bit of a break too, huh? That’s what I’m here for as well~! And so, I came here looking to do some sunbathing, but… Sighhhh… The weather doesn’t seem very cooperative, huh…? The skies were so bright and sunny just a couple minutes ago, too… Master, are you planning to take your break here? If possible, I’d love to join you, you see… Yaaay! Together~♪ Now then, excuse me~! This seems kind of rare, huh…? Just the two of us sitting at a patio table alone. Ehehe… Ehehehe… I can’t help but giggle because I don’t normally get the chance to see your face like this, you see. Mmm… It’s not quite the same when I’m shampooing your hair and stuff. I’m in work mode then, you see. Grrr, it’s not the same…! Although, I do get told that I switch gears awfully quickly a lot, I guess. Mmmm… I was hoping it was only a passing shower, but… It doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon… The sound of the rain pitter-pattering against the ground and the umbrella is pretty relaxing in itself, so this kind of nice , too. Like, it really calms you down, huh? Wheeww… It’s nice that it’s relaxing, but… I’ve got some stuff to take care of today, you see… It’s a bit of a shame, too. Hm? Are you interested in what it is that I have to do? Hehehe… You’re hopeless, aren’t you~? Tada~! It’s a tuning fork made specifically for relaxation~!♪ Normally, these tuning forks are used to align the sounds that various instruments make, but… This tuning fork in particular is great at helping people relax, you see~! I ended up buying it because they were running a pretty interesting ad on it on TV! Look, the sound that it makes… Riiiiiiiing…. Doesn’t it sound so comforting? Actually… I had originally wanted to enjoy this tuning fork while sunbathing, but… Would you like to try it too, Master? Ehehe… There’s no need to hold back… I’ll do it for you~! All you have to do, Master… …is sit tight right there, alright~? Now then… Take a sloooow… gentle breath, please… First, we’ll start off with this side… From a distance… And then closer… And then farther again… And the other side as well… Slooowly… closing in and then pulling away from your ears… And then… Slooowwly… Around the rest of your head… A looong… loong time ago… In Egypt… They used tuning forks like these to heal and relax people, apparently. …Or so that’s what the TV ad said. I don’t know if that’s actually true or not, but… I believe it because it sounds more interesting that way~! Ehehe! Sound… sure is mysterious, huh? Even just hearing it can calm your heart, and… …bring you back to your childhood, and… Just like right now… Make you blank out… When it’s hot, the ringing of wind chimes makes things feel ever so slightly cooler… Perhaps sounds and feelings are actually… deeply connected with one another, huh? What kind of sounds… …do you like, Master~? I’d love it if you started enjoying the sound of someone shampooing your hair… By the way… Does the sound you’re hearing right now… …re-energize you, and… …invigorate you from the depths of your being~? Mmm… Maybe it doesn’t take effect right away…? What do you think about the sound? Ehehe… That’s good to hear~!♪ That makes me glad that I bought this! It looks like it was actually pretty effective, so I might go and try it on everybody else next time! It’s even tested and proven to be 100% effective by our Master himself~! Now then, it’s time for me to begin my relaxation adventure~! The first target on the list will be the head maid~! Alright~!

Jerry Heath


  1. 雨音・音叉・えみちゃんの癒しボイスのトリプルコンボが私を快楽の海に引きずり込んでゆくっ!!!

  2. えみちゃんは好きだけど音叉の音はなんか苦手ザマスねぇ…

  3. 響金だ!響金だ!久方ぶりの響金きちゃ!いやっほー!

  4. Being able to watch it without subs is a blessing but on the other hand i succ at social interaction so half of the time when i tried to roleplay back i did not knew what to say 😡
    And even with succing at social interaction this was very amazing to watch

  5. Why is a lewd game so relaxing….
    Asking for a friend, but is this a special mode from a dlc/expansion?

  6. I thought that was a knife for a second and was concerned for the future lore of these videos

  7. おつかれさまです(●´ω`●)

  8. I’m not even wearing headphones but it gave me tingles


  9. I never heard a sound of a tuning fork before and I like it.


  10. Try having a fluffy ball stick (menbo) massage inside the ear while lightly touching the stick with the tuning fork. Some ear message shops that I have been to do that. It is really good. I don't know how that translates to ASMR tho.

  11. デン!って後に紹介されると何かを思い出してしまう・・・。

  12. 今天,換我來翻譯看看 Today, let me translate

    【When i broke up ! Have music】

    【When i alone ! Have music

    【When i sad ! Music coming】

    【Music is my life 】
    【My love Japan song and anime!

    【Love you <3

  13. UwU translater-sama you have help me through the toughest languages I'm forever in debt with you.

  14. Regreso Emi-chan! Y nos esta acompañado mientras que llueve. As esperar que venga el translator-sama!

  15. Я так понимаю, в интернете ещё не пошутили про вилку…

  16. 雨の中ぼーっとしてるのもいいし、こうやってえみちゃんが話しかけてくれるのもまたいい

  17. 音叉、、、また面白いチョイスを、、、

  18. At first glance, I thought Emi-chan turned into yandere and was holding a knife

  19. her attitude is so bright that the lighting of the world doesn't affect her appearance at all xD

  20. And so the maids' rehabilitation services have proven to be effective, as their once-crippled master has miraculously regained some control over his defunct legs.
    Truly, a heartwarming tale.

  21. I don't like metal sounds for ASMR 😔
    I love Emi-chan, though ❤
    I love the rain, too

  22. Actually the chinese translation, auto-translated to english, actually works pretty damn well.

  23. これを屋敷の窓からまなちゃんが覗いていて後日『えみさんと~』と言ってふてくさる所まで想像できた。

  24. 海外勢に人気ありすぎでしょw

  25. その商品たぶんTBSで昼にやってる通販番組のやつだよね。あれガチまがいモンだぜ。あーあエミたんまた騙されたちゃった^_^;

  26. ネコのゴロゴロ音はその振動によって骨を丈夫にする作用があるらしいです

  27. Reminder for everyone to:
    1. Set your alarms
    2. Charge your device(s) if you haven’t already
    3:Grab some water and get comfy
    4: Sleep well 😊

  28. The sound of the tuning fork is activating my flight or fight response, someone tell why

  29. 勉強中に・・・聴くんじゃ・・・無かっ・・・・・・・・た・・・・・・

  30. I had my earphones backwards for like 2 years now i just realised it and now that i have them on my head the right way they are 100x more comfy

  31. I love you asmr crescendo, I needed a little bit of asmr yours hehe❤

  32. bruh my sleepy eyes looked at the thumbnail and I straight up thought Emi was wielding a deagle there, like she gonna put you to sleep pernamently

  33. 鼻を忘れてきておるぞ(´・ω・`)

  34. So for a second, it looked like i was doing back-flips in space (aka the rain) as Emichan followed me. It was weird, but still relaxing.

  35. Emi-chan periodically mentions wanting to shampoo MC's hair, so is there a chance of shampooing Emi-chan's hair?

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