ॐ WISH mantra for WISHES COME TRUE with Green Tara Goddess mantra

Be blessed All 💖💖💖 OM TARE TU TARE TURE SOHA

Jerry Heath


  1. ☸ WISH FULFILLMENT Mantra (Green Tara Mantra)
    ☸ mantra for your wishes to come true
    ☸ Powerful Mantras Meditation Music Channel 2018 (PM)
    ☺ Wish cycle
    ॐ divine energy of spiritual enlightenment

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    ● ▬ ॐ Devotional Wish mantra lyrics (text) ॐ ▬●

  2. Merci beaucoup pour ses explication 💕👼🙏je voudrais savoir si je peu télécharger vos mantra car je les écoutes tous les jours j aimerais pouvoir les écouter aussi en voiture merci merci merci. Je vais commencer a suivre vos explications pour ce mantra 👼💕🙏je vous aimes je nous aimes je m aime 👼🙏💕

  3. Mulțumesc,mulțumesc,mulțumesc pentru această MANTRA magică.

  4. Thank you 🙏🏻 Many Blessings and Much LOVE 💖🦋💫🕉

  5. Ом таре туттаре туре соха. Спасиба сэнсэй

  6. Thankyou for good gifting NAMASTE ım very happy and healthy now💜💚💖💟💝💗💜💖💙

  7. Ich wünsche mir,das meine beste Freundin sich in mich verliebt.denn ich liebe sie so sehr.

  8. I wish all my dreams comes tru thank u Tara Verde for the blessing🙏🙏🙏

  9. 🕉तारे तुतारे तुरी स्वाहा:

  10. So pleasant I forgot my wishes!
    Yes. I am cured of the torment to my body, heart and spirit. I am in the arms of my heart’s desire in my new home. I am healthy, wealthy, and wise. My children are loved and supported. They are successful and joyous. Thank you for all of my good wishes coming true! Thank you for knowing what is best for me.

  11. Došli majstori ne iz rastrošnice već profi da otpuše cev.. Prolupalo mi srce dok sam im objasnila gde je kvar. Više zbog majke koja nije dala da progovorim sa njima. Hvala ti.. Evo srčani ritam mi se smiruje! ♥️🎃🎇🎆🏅🥇

  12. Ganeš? "*♥️ti znaš koliko sam ganuta tvojom ljubavlju prema meni. I zahvalna dragom Bogu da ćemo konačno biti zajedno!
    A to što ćeš da me pustiš na konak kod sebe.. Van sebe sam od radosti.." *etooooo. Ljubim. I am
    Biming here"*:))) 😉🏠♥️

  13. 🤲🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🤲Dileklerim Gerçeğe Dönüşüyor. Çok Şükür ALLAHIMA.🍀🕉🤲🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🤲🕉🍀Ve Öylede Oldu.

  14. I wish Abundance of love ,happiness,wealth ,good health & with whom I loved so much he always loving me like a crazy man.

  15. I wish my crush .E.T will want me and love me as i love him …i feel dying without him..
    .grant my wish 😭😭😭

  16. Wish my father would throw away all his negativity and be kind, unselfish, considerate, caring, loving, and healthy s

  17. I'm pregnant and I'm working I have a job I'm married to John,im wealthy I have a great business ,I'm so loved by John k ,I'm abundant n I have paid my rentals

  18. I wish to find peace and healing and blessings and love and to be happy and to have a good lady in my life

  19. I am having a very beautiful relation ship with my love Ashish. N we living together. Under a one roof.

  20. Мечтаю о своей квартиры в центре города. Пусть сбудеться спасибо автор…

  21. Danke sehr schön.
    Von meine Fühle in Fühle mit meine freund zusammen kommen und umziehen.

  22. I'm receiving a sudden substantial influx of wealth.
    I'm completing my Master's degree.
    I'm emigrating.
    I'm successful.

  23. i wish for 10 tylenol3s today oct22 before 12 pm today so i can pass my test

  24. Tôi uoc cung nguoi ây sông hp, 1 long 1 dạ trọn kiep, môt nguoi toi nghi đén luc này

  25. Wow love listening to this for the first time. I wish to have loving and harmonious relationships in my marriage without third party involvement Thankyou 🙏❤

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