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Special report: Russia’s auto industry

 Special report - Russia's auto industry

As the interviews and analysis in this Greenstreetsoftware.info special report show, the Russian automotive industry is widely expected to enjoy an upturn from 2018. That will bring welcome relief for all concerned, but it means, of course, that there is still one more difficult year to endure.

Download this exclusive special report to learn how vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and other Russian automotive industry stakeholders have dealt with this most difficult of crises, and how they are preparing for the future.

In this report:

  • From roller coaster to resurgence – Russia’s auto industry to recover in 2017
  • Russian govt promotes special investment contracts to stimulate auto sector
  • Could exports save Russian auto industry from a perfect storm?
  • Russia’s red light turns amber for auto industry investors
  • Interview: Alexander Moynov, Managing Director, Kia Motors Russia
  • EVs integral to Renault’s Russian renaissance, says OEM
  • Truck and bus segments to pull GAZ Group through Russian trough
  • High-tech aspirations meet reality on Russia’s roads
  • Russia is ‘the place to be’ for global auto suppliers
  • Market pick-up from 2018, says Russian auto industry body

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