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Special report: Innovations in vehicle braking

Special report: Innovations in vehicle braking

Electrification, automation, increased engine power and general technological advances have led to significant changes in vehicle braking technology.

This Greenstreetsoftware.info special report contains a series of articles on developments in automotive braking technology based on exclusive in-depth interviews with brake system suppliers, light vehicle manufacturers and HD truck and bus OEMs.

In this report:

  • Eight trends in vehicle braking
  • The bus of the future needs new brake tech, says Daimler
  • Autonomous emergency braking enters a new stage
  • Braking performance visibility essential for safe trucks, says Volvo
  • Rising engine power mirrored by performance brake demand
  • Electrified and integrated: brake suppliers brace for next-gen complexity
  • Electrification and automation demand new brake tech
  • Interview: Alan Lee, Assistant President and CTO, BWI Group
  • Strong and stable: HD sector continues to build on ABS
  • Market forces, not mandates, to boost AEB uptake

‘Special report: Innovations in vehicle braking’ features exclusive interviews with:

  • Peter Schumacher, Senior Manager Chassis & Systems, Daimler Buses
  • Werner Uhler, Director of Product Management, Bosch Driver Assistance Systems
  • Carl Johan Almqvist, Traffic and Product Safety Director, Volvo Trucks
  • Dan Sandberg, Chief Executive, Brembo North America
  • Dan Milot, Vice President of Brake System Applications, ZF North America
  • Karl-Friedrich Woersdoerfer, Vice President of Product Development, Continental Hydraulic Brake Systems
  • Cristina Arias, Head of Program Management and Business Development, Continental Vehicle Dynamics
  • Alan Lee, Assistant President and CTO, BWI Group
  • Mark Melletat, Director of Field Operations, Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems
  • Michiel van Ratingen, Secretary General, Euro NCAP

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