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Special report: Connected vehicle data security

 Special report - Connected vehicle data security

This Greenstreetsoftware.info special report on connected vehicle data security looks not only at light vehicle cyber security, but also at what is being done to secure data in connected trucks; it also examines the increasingly important role of data centres and the need for pan-industry collaboration.

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In this report:

  • Personal mobility of tomorrow depends on security developed today
  • Auto industry strengthens relationship with car hackers
  • Cyber security concerns unite industry, says Toyota
  • The data centre – a fortress for the connected car
  • The high stakes auto industry needs high stakes cyber security
  • Data industry senses auto industry’s need for predictive analytics
  • Recent hacks ‘canary in the coalmine’ for truck industry
  • Whole-car approach needed to secure the connected car
  • In the Internet of Things, cars must be able to defend themselves
  • Military expertise could secure the connected car

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