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Special report: Car powertrain innovation

Special report: Car powertrain innovation

Despite advances in alternative powertrain technology, the internal combustion engine (ICE) looks set to remain dominant for many vehicle generations to come.

Tougher fuel economy and emissions regulations mean OEMs and suppliers need to look carefully at how to meet increasingly challenging targets.

In this Greenstreetsoftware.info Special Report, experts from across the automotive industry discuss developments in light vehicle powertrain technology, the relationship between combustion and electrification, and the future of the ICE.

In this report:

  • End of the ICE age? Electrification and the powertrain of the future
  • Balancing act: BMW walks the line between efficiency and thrills
  • Conventional powertrains, unconventional results: GM on the ICE
  • Powertrain development needs risk takers
  • GDCI, or how to improve fuel economy by up to 30%
  • Auto industry faces major change – ‘without the ICE’
  • Re-inventing the wheel? Alt engine designs could keep ICEs on the agenda
  • Emissions systems: A dirty job, but someone’s got to do it
  • Cost, not tech, is the emissions target challenge, says powertrain supplier
  • Turbo’s ‘golden age’ marked by opportunity and transformation

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