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Brazil’s new vehicle market: Prospects to 2019

Brazil's new vehicle market prospects to 2019

During 2014, Brazilian light vehicle (LV) demand dropped by 7% to 3.32 million units, while heavy commercial vehicle (HCV) demand fell by 9.8% to 172,400 units. Analysts expect Brazil's economy to contract by 1% or 2% in 2015, and this factor tougher credit conditions and a return to higher purchase taxes is expected to see LV demand fall in 2015, with a sharper fall anticipated in the HCV sector.

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India’s new vehicle market: Prospects to 2019

India's new vehicle market: Prospects to 2019

This Greenstreetsoftware.info report examines India’s LV and HCV markets, and outlines how, over the forecast period, further increases are anticipated in the LV market, exceeding 4 million units for the first time. According to the forecast, the HCV market will, in 2018, also reach a new peak.

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The auto industry in 2015: half-term report

The auto industry in 2015: half term report

Key stakeholders from the global light vehicle, trucking and supplier sectors offer unique insight into the developments of the global automotive industry in the first half of 2015, and look ahead to the second half and full year.

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Ford Motor Company model plans and production outlook to 2019

Ford Motor Company model plans and production outlook to 2019

Ford reported production of 6.32 million vehicles in 2014, a 0.5% decrease from 2013. This exclusive Greenstreetsoftware.info report looks at how Ford will grow to selling over 8 million units by 2019, the end of the forecast period. This figure is made up not just of Blue Oval brand sales, but also Lincoln, with Ford committing to a major strategic push to reinvigorate the brand and triple sales to about 300,000upa by 2020.

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Engine Plant Database – 2015 Edition

Engine plant database - 2015 Edition

Greenstreetsoftware.info’s “Engine Plant Database – 2015 Edition” contains production data for light and heavy vehicle engines in 2014. Delivered in an Excel file, the data focuses on engines for on-highway applications, excluding agriculture, construction, marine, gen-sets, etc. The plant locations refer to the commonly-used descriptions, but may be described differently in other sources.

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Asia’s new vehicle market: Prospects to 2019

Asia's new vehicle market: Prospects to 2019

This exclusive Greenstreetsoftware.info report focuses on ten Asian markets: Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, S. Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. Across the region there were some 168 million cars and CVs in circulation in 2013/14, as well as the significant numbers of 2- and 3-wheelers. After two successive years of growth, the region's light vehicle (LV) market dipped in 2014 to 11.5 million units, and HCV sales fell to 401,000 units, the second successive year of decline.

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The World’s Truck Manufacturers (2015 / 18th Edition)

World Truck Manufacturers - 18th Edition

This report is a proven and reliable global truck industry reference tool and is a necessity for those involved in competitor analysis and strategic planning in the global commercial vehicle industry. The backbone of the report is the supporting database of financial statistics and performance ratios covering all the world's major truck manufacturers and their key subsidiaries from 1983 onwards.

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