Triel customises Scania turntable ladder truck with Allison 4500 transmission

Fire engine equipped with an Allison Automatic was designed to meet the industry needs for an exceptionally high-reaching and responsive emergency vehicle

Demanding greater manoeuvrability and compatibility with firefighting accessories, specialty vehicle maker Triel-HT Group has chosen an Allison 4500 fully automatic transmission for its turntable ladder truck with a 42 metre reach.

A Scania P440 6×4 commercial chassis was selected based on design needs for the complex, high-reaching fire truck. The Allison 4500 enables the chassis, body and pump to efficiently work together.

“In our vehicles, we prefer Allison transmissions because of the great manoeuvrability, safety and performance provided to firefighters on the ride as well as its agility in the manoeuvres during the operation,” said Triel-HT director Marciano Dalla Rosa. “Moreover, there is the perfect integration of the transmission to the body as well as to the electronic controllers that operate the truck during events.”

Not only is the vehicle unique for the Brazilian market but it had to comply with strict National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. “The trucks featuring Allison automatic transmissions also stand out when evaluated in accordance with international standards, which require the vehicle to perform extremely well when it comes to commuting to the emergency. They also work in perfect integration with the implements attached to the vehicle,” said Dalla Rosa.

The turntable ladder truck project started in 2012 and was so complex that Triel consulted with an American firefighter team to assess whether the vehicle met the international standards. Leading aluminium lamination and recycling company Novelis ordered the fire truck for its plant in Pindamonhangaba, São Paulo.

“Our factory has very large structures and, due to the aluminium manufacturing process, our internal fire department needs an agile vehicle that reaches the high ceilings in our production plant,” said Daniel Forastieri, EHS director at Novelis South America.

The truck’s specification includes a 7,000 litres per minute pump, breathable air track for rescue at heights and an inlet and outlet water fittings at the rear of the vehicle.