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TomTom reports first quarter 2018 results

Financial summary Q1

  • Revenue of €192 million (Q1 ’17: €213 million)
  • Gross margin of 70% (Q1 ’17: 63%)
  • EBITDA of €44 million (Q1 ’17: €34 million)
  • Adjusted EPS1 of €0.10 (Q1 ’17: -€0.03)
  • Net cash position of €129 million (Q1 ’17: €79 million)
  • Deferred revenue position of €275 million (Q1 ’17: €232 million)

Operational summary Q1 18

  • Automotive operational revenue increased by 42% in the quarter
  • Additional TomTom Connected Car Services provided to Hyundai and Kia
  • TomTom On-Street Parking reaches coverage in 100 European cities
  • Telematics installed base increased by 14% year on year, reaching more than 826,000 subscriptions

Outlook 2018

Full year outlook re-iterated; expected revenue of around €800 million and adjusted EPS1 of around €0.25.

Key figures


Change percentages and totals calculated before rounding.
This report includes the following non-GAAP measures: Automotive operational revenue, gross margin, EBIT (margin), EBITDA (margin), adjusted net result, adjusted EPS and net cash, which are further explained on page 10 of this report.
2017 figures are restated under the new IFRS 15 and IFRS 16 accounting standards.

Earnings per fully diluted share count adjusted for movement of deferred revenue, unbilled revenue, deferred cost of sales, impairments and material restructuring and disposal costs on a post-tax basis.


TomToms Chief Executive Officer, Harold Goddijn

“TomTom started the year with a solid set of results. Nearly 70% of our revenues is now derived from data, software & services, boosting our gross margin. Automotive operational revenue in the quarter amounted to 78 million, an increase of 42% compared with the same quarter last year.


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