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‘Special report: Turbocharging and supercharging’ by Greenstreetsoftware.info

Greenstreetsoftware.info has published a new report, ‘Special report: Turbocharging and supercharging’ which explores developments in forced induction technology for light and commercial vehicle applications.

Due to increasingly stringent emissions and fuel economy regulations, it is widely agreed that the days are numbered for naturally aspirated engines.

Where once it was used purely for added power, the turbocharger is set to be an integral part of the engine of the future. And the supercharger is enjoying a resurgence, making it another option for mainstream vehicle manufacturers. Each is application-specific; what is certain, however, is that from electrically-assisted internal combustion engines through to fuel cell vehicles, and from light vehicles to heavy trucks, forced induction is here to stay.

‘Special report: Turbocharging and supercharging’ http://greenstreetsoftware.info/research/special-report-turbocharging-and-supercharging/ is available to download now from the research section of AutomotiveWorld.com.

In this report:

  • Key trends in forced induction
  • Turbochargers – ‘the most important component on an ICE’, says Mercedes-Benz
  • Combustion, electrification and boosting to work in harmony, says Volvo Cars
  • Turbo compressors vital to FCV success
  • Could the SuperTurbo rescue truck OEMs from emissions challenges?
  • Turbocharging set to blow away emissions challenges
  • Supercharger market potential not blown out of proportion – supplier
  • 48V systems create new opportunities for advanced combustion
  • Turbocharging trumps supercharging in the battle for engine downsizing
  • The pressure’s on to develop high temperature turbos

‘Special report: Turbocharging and supercharging’ features an industry overview from Indraneel Bardhan, Founder and Managing Partner, EOS Intelligence, as well as exclusive interviews with:

  • Patrik Fröhlich, Sales Manager, Celeroton
  • Udo Schwerdel, EVP, Turbocharger Line, Powertrain Division, Continental    
  • Brian Contat, Product Director, Boosting, Eaton
  • Dan Ouwenga, Engineering Manager, Boosting, Eaton
  • Gavin Donkin, VP Product Development, Honeywell Turbocharger Technologies
  • Jochen Martin Schmid, Senior Manager, Turbocharging, Mercedes-Benz Cars
  • Thomas Waldron, EVP, SuperTurbo
  • Michel Forissier, R&D Director, Valeo
  • Ragnar Burenius, Senior Technical Advisor, Engine Engineering, Volvo Cars


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