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‘Special report: Can carbon fibre compete in mainstream automotive?’ by Greenstreetsoftware.info

Greenstreetsoftware.info has published a new report, Special report: Can carbon fibre compete in mainstream automotive?’ which is built around exclusive interviews with carbon fibre experts and leading automotive industry stakeholders.

Will carbon fibre ever be a viable option for mainstream automotive applications? That’s a question that has been asked for decades, and with the launch of the BMW i3, it began to look as though CF had broken free of its niche status.

Little has happened since that ground-breaking car hit the market, however, and the industry has focused considerable attention on other aspects of future mobility. Developments in CF production have continued, and there are signs that the industry could be reconsidering its suitability for mainstream automotive use.

Featuring exclusive interviews with OEMs and suppliers, this Greenstreetsoftware.info special report investigates the challenges and opportunities for carbon fibre in mainstream automotive applications.

Special report: Can carbon fibre compete in mainstream automotive?’  (http://greenstreetsoftware.info/research/special-report-can-carbon-fibre-compete-mainstream-automotive/) is available to download now from the research section of AutomotiveWorld.com.

In this report:

  • Challenges and opportunities aplenty for automotive carbon fibre
  • Carbon fibre offers next-level mass reduction – Ford
  • In-house carbon fibre production hugely beneficial – McLaren Automotive
  • BMW i: a milestone for carbon fibre, but not the new norm – supplier
  • Supplier confidence in carbon fibre grows
  • EVs present new opportunity for carbon fibre en masse
  • Could 3D printing eliminate the autoclave for carbon fibre success?
  • Thermoplastics could help carbon fibre break out of exploratory phase
  • Tailored carbon fibre placement to bring serious cost efficiency gains
  • Interest in reclaimed carbon fibre grows


Special report: Can carbon fibre compete in mainstream automotive?’ features exclusive interviews with:

  • Richard Gregory, Quality and Engineering Director, Prodrive Composites
  • Tim Schniepp, Senior Director, Composite Solutions, Stratasys
  • Fraser Barnes, Managing Director, ELG Carbon Fibre
  • Melanie Hoerr, Manager Technical Embroidery, ZSK
  • Patrick Blanchard, Technical Leader – Lightweight Materials, Ford Research & Innovation Center
  • Andrew Swikoski, Global Product Line Director, Magna Exteriors
  • Joseph Laux, Global Director of Materials Science, Exteriors, Magna
  • Andreas Wüllner, Chairman of Composites – Fibers & Materials, SGL Carbon
  • Jonathan Clement, Head of Commercial Affairs, McLaren Composites Technology Centre


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