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MAHLE Powertrain offers insight on the future of the petrol engine

MAHLE Powertrain, a global leader in engine development and consultancy, has offered its insight into future powertrain development in its latest white paper, ‘Power Supply’.

The paper gives an update on the Real Driving Emissions (RDE) tests, which were introduced in September 2017 to provide a more accurate measure of vehicle tail pipe emissions during normal driving conditions. It also highlights MAHLE’S work in engine downsizing (with its innovative DI-3 engine); alternative fuels such as compressed natural gas (CNG); and hybridisation (notably the use of 48V supercharger technology).

MAHLE engineers believe that their development of 48V systems provide a viable alternative to pure EV powertrains. Mike Bassett, chief engineer at MAHLE Powertrain, said: “In our view, the combination of 48V systems with lean gasoline engines should not be restricted to immediate support of the combustion engine, with boosting, start-stop functionality, or hybridisation, for instance. MAHLE’s experience points to a far more integral role that should entail advanced measures in the vehicle, such as thermal management or the electrification of engine accessories.”

He continues: “We’ve shown that even relatively small steps in electrification can achieve a sustainable effect on the combustion engine powertrain with a conventional 12V electrical system. For example, electric actuators enable faster and more precise control of the combustion engine. Simply by replacing the pneumatic wastegate actuator with an electric variant, which MAHLE has been supplying for large-scale production applications since 2009, CO2 savings of approximately two percent can be achieved. Rounded out by additional “light” electrification steps, such as electric thermostats, EGR valves, power steering motors, and stop-start functionality, CO2 savings of up to eight percent can be demonstrated, without intervention in the electrical system and without electric drive motors.”

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