Hi Chery! First Chery Fan Festival to open

On August, 2018, a post titled "Chery Global Fan Festival Recruitment" published on Chery's social media drew global attention

On August, 2018, a post titled “Chery Global Fan Festival Recruitment” published on Chery’s social media drew global attention. Chery drivers posting Chery-related photos of him or his family on social media will win the ultimate award: a trip to China if they are lucky enough. The simple and convenient form of contribution attracted Chery drivers worldwide. As of the deadline, Chery has received nearly 700 contributions and the most popular one got 4,800 “likes”, showing the great participation enthusiasm of Chery drivers.

Let’s check it out.

(Chery Lucky one)

Welcome to China, Lucky fans, I will make a brief introduction for the next trip.

China is blessed with beautiful scenery, a brilliant civilization of 5,000 years and magnificent humanistic landscape. Traveling in China in agreeable October must be a good memory. First Chery Fan Festival, with the theme “Hi Chery”, will soon take place from October 24 to 30, 2018. In the one-week trip spanning Shanghai, Suzhou and Wuhu, Chery fans will experience the poetic and picturesque landscape of Jiangnan and the brand charm of Chery.

As a Chinese modern city, Shanghai has developed at an amazing speed. On October 25, Chery Fan Festival will start here.

City God Temple of Shanghai carries the memories of Shanghai over the past 600 years.

(Nightscape of City God Temple)

Skyscrapers towering into the sky along the Huangpu River allow full rein to the modernity and luxury of Shanghai. Shanghai’s nightscape is fancy and enchanting.

Suzhou gardens are best in the world. Chery Fan Festival will take place here from October 26 to 27. After touring Changmen Old Terminal, Dongmenting and Baihuazhou Ancient City Wall, Chery fans will be treated to a sincere and interesting banquet. To enhance interaction, Chery has designed many interactive sessions believed to arouse bursts of cheer and laugher. Just as the brand core of “Fun” implies, Chery is persistently exploring a good life.

Chery has been honoring its quality commitment by actual deeds. The plant visit and test riding & driving from October 28 to 29 are intended to show drivers Chery’s advanced production process and make them keenly feel Chery’s “craftsmanship” and brand perseverance, just like a dialogue between Chery and drivers-Hi Chery!

First Chery Fan Festival is around the corner. There are more highlights to be found. Please stay tuned on Chery’s official site and social media.