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Customers put their faith in Mercedes-Benz trucks

Market leadership in Europe

  • Mercedes-Benz Trucks is the market leader for heavy-duty trucks in western Europe
  • European market leader when it comes to tractor units, too
  • Customers convinced by new Mercedes-Benz Actros
  • 37 percent of new Actros sold in 2012 already Euro VI-compliant – a trend that continues to rise

The year 2012 saw Mercedes-Benz achieve a market share in Europe of around 23 percent in the sector for heavy-duty trucks with a permissible gross vehicle weight of 16 t and over, so consolidating its position as the market leader. In the highly competitive sub-segment of semitrailer tractor units Mercedes-Benz in fact took the lead, with a market share of 19.4 percent. More than half of these customers opted for the new Mercedes-Benz Actros, the Truck of the Year 2012. Overall, more than one in three Actros sold in 2012 was a Euro VI version (37 percent) – two years before the official introduction of the Euro VI emissions standard. In the last quarter of 2012 this figure rose to 44 percent. In Germany, the proportion of Euro VI orders was as high as 70 percent.

Reduced fuel comsumption
The introduction of Euro VI-compliant vehicles has developed into something of a success model for both fleet operators and manufacturer. Mercedes-Benz has put considerable effort into the introduction and into meeting the standard ahead of the deadline; and it continues to lead the competition in this field. From the customer’s point of view, as well, Euro VI represents a good investment, thanks to the significantly reduced fuel consumption that the new Actros was able to demonstrate as far back as 2011: in a comparison drive over a distance of 10,000 km between Rotterdam and Stettin, an Actros 1845 LS BlueTec 6 with StreamSpace cab delivered a 4.5 percent advantage in fuel consumption over the previous model, the Actros BlueTec 5.

In everyday use, too, the new Actros boasts impressive consumption figures. Mercedes-Benz asked customers from 12 different European countries how satisfied they were with the new Actros – and the customers reported back reductions in fuel consumption of between five and 15 percent.

Among them was the company Elflein Spedition & Transport GmbH: “We made a very conscious decision in favour of Euro VI, because we believe that Euro VI represents the highest and most advanced level of technical development currently to be found in the field of engine design”, commented Rüdiger Elflein, Managing Director of Elflein Spedition & Transport GmbH. “We have been running Euro VI vehicles since 2012 and, in terms of fuel consumption, our expectations have even been exceeded: the new Actros uses about eight percent less fuel than the previous generation of Actros. On top of that, we are very pleased to see that even more consideration has been given to the needs of drivers to create what is now a very attractive workplace for our drivers.”

Truck programme meets customers’ requirements  
With its new range of vehicles, Mercedes-Benz is sending a whole raft of specialist models out onto the road, all of which have been specifically designed to meet the requirements imposed by Euro VI: among these, the Actros is still the model for the demanding and extremely important international long-haul transport segment. The particular characteristics of the new Antos make it the vehicle of choice for customers operating in the heavy-duty short-radius distribution sector; while the Mercedes-Benz Arocs is the new specialist model for customers in the construction transport sector, both on and off-road. Rounding off the Mercedes-Benz truck programme is the new Atego, setting new standards in the medium-duty short-radius distribution sector. All models in the product portfolio meet the requirements of Euro VI, more than nine months before it actually comes into effect. And one further factor unites all the Euro VI-compliant models across all vehicle classes: their lower fuel consumption, which brings direct benefits for every customer.


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