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CLEPA: New CO2 legislation for cars: Spanish automotive suppliers showcase importance of technology neutrality to reduce emissions as well as maintain strong industry in Europe

The Spanish automotive supply industry represented by SERNAUTO, in close coordination with CLEPA, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers, presented today in Brussels the various technology solutions manufactured in the country in the pursuit of CO2 emissions reduction, contributing to the decarbonisation of road transport in the EU.

During a breakfast debate for policy makers hosted by Pilar Ayuso MEP, several representatives from Spanish and Spanish-based companies including Bosch, CIE Automotive, Gestamp, Grupo Antolin and Valeo took the floor to introduce a variety of options such as thermal management, engine efficiency and weight reduction of components and structures as well as the harnessing of material and energy resources, stressing the need to take all technology options into account in upcoming CO2 legislation for cars and vans.

The European Parliament and Council of Member States are about to start the first reading of a new legislative proposal to reduce car emissions in the 2020-2030 timeframe. The legislation will have a large impact on the European automotive industry.

MEP Pilar Ayuso: “Spain has a proud history as a prominent automotive country in Europe, with manufacturing plants rooted all across the country fostering innovation and providing high-skilled employment. It was very interesting to learn what technology can do, and how Europe can build on the strengths of its industry to tackle environmental issues.”

José Portilla, managing director of SERNAUTO, said: “The automotive supply sector is key for the economic fabric of Spain and exports its products to all over the world. It is important, in order to sustain the EU technological leadership and the competitiveness of the automotive suppliers, that Europe continues to have a challenging yet neutral legislative framework.”

Sigrid de Vries, secretary general of CLEPA, added: “CLEPA asks the legislator to maintain an open mind for all technology options and provide a policy framework that positively accelerates innovation in Europe. There is no ‘one-fits-all’ solution to achieve society’s energy-efficiency and CO2-emissions reduction targets: cars, vans, bikes, buses and trucks serve different mobility purposes, and customers must have the choice to pick the technology combination that fits their needs best.”

CLEPA considers the new car CO2 proposal highly demanding and stresses that focus should turn to how the targets should be met, mitigating disruption to economy and society.

Electrification, hybrid technology, alternative and synthetic fuels, eco-innovations and other solutions to increase energy efficiency all have a role to play, in an integrated policy approach encompassing market incentives, energy mix and infrastructure investments as well.

SERNAUTO and CLEPA members offer mobility solutions that build on their long-standing industrial strength to realise ambitious environmental and safety-related objectives, counting multinationals as well as thousands of SMEs in its membership. Up to 75% of the value of an average vehicle comes from its components and parts. Automotive suppliers invest more than half of all automotive R&D in the EU (over EUR 22 billion per year). They are a key asset for Europe’s economy and wealth creation.

Specifically, Spanish Automotive Suppliers contributes significantly to the Spanish economy due to its size, creation of value, interaction with other sectors and exports. It is a strategic sector with revenues of more than 34 billion euros in 2016 and totalling 343,500 direct and indirect jobs. It’s a sector intensely committed to R&D and innovation, with an investment of 4% of its turnover, due to its strong technological base.

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