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Cars in the sharing economy – an Greenstreetsoftware.info webinar

OEMs and suppliers are preparing for a future in which services account for more than products. Greenstreetsoftware.info editor Martin Kahl hosts a panel of experts to discuss the role of the car in the sharing economy.

Webinar: Cars in the sharing economy

Join us for exclusive insight from some of the leading names shaping the future of mobility, with a panel featuring GM, PSA Group and McKinsey & Company.

Date: Monday 20 November 2017 @ 10.00 Detroit / 15.00 London / 16.00 Stuttgart / 20.30 New Delhi

On the panel:

  • Peter B. Kosak, Executive Director, Urban Mobility Programs, General Motors
  • Larry Dominique, President and Chief Executive, PSA North America
  • Timo Moeller, Leader, Center for Future Mobility, McKinsey & Co


  • Martin Kahl, Editor, Greenstreetsoftware.info

To register, follow this link: http://greenstreetsoftware.info/events/webinar-cars-sharing-economy/

If you can’t attend the session live please register anyway and we’ll send you a link to the slides and a video of the session when it’s finished.

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