Andersen EV launches next generation EV charging point – allowing hotels, businesses etc. to create an additional revenue stream

Makers of premium electric vehicle (EV) charging points, Andersen EV, has today launched the next generation of charge point, the A2.

Makers of premium electric vehicle (EV) charging points, Andersen EV, has today launched the next generation of charge point, the A2.

Keeping the sleek, sophisticated design profile of the original A1, this newer model boasts some brand-new features that make it stand out in a crowd.

While the A1 was already fast-charge enabled, the A2 is enabled to be a Three-Phase charger, stepping up the output to a whopping 22kW. That’s three times the A1’s output and should charge most modern EVs to 80% in just 30 minutes.

The A2 has the ability to connect to solar panels and power walls. This functionality means your EV can become truly carbon-zero to run. Simply collect the energy provided by the sun, store in your power wall, and charge your EV whenever you need it.

The A2 is now SMART enabled with Andersen’s app, Konnect. Konnect allows you to control, monitor and manage your device from our mobile app. The Konnect app includes information on current charging status, live energy usage, charge cost, and time until fully charged.

The Konnect app also allows you to lock or unlock the unit as well as cutting off or enabling power to the charging cables remotely. This can be a useful safety feature, especially when you’ve left your EV on charge at night. By enabling push notifications through the app, you will get an alert when your vehicle is fully charged, allowing you to cut the power even when you’re lying in bed!

For hotels, businesses, and other venues hosting an Andersen A2 charge point, Konnect will provide information and management of grid load-balancing. Using this feature, the venue management can control how much power the charging points are drawing, ensuring that their grid isn’t overloaded.

It can also be used to guarantee that all the connected vehicles are charged as quickly and efficiently as possible, while allowing for specific vehicles to be prioritised should the need arise. This can be very useful if they have a guest in need of a full charge in a short period of time, while another may not need their vehicle for several hours.

Along with these new features, the A2 carries forward the legacy of the A1. The patented winding system, for example, keeps cables safely and neatly tucked away inside the unit, with a small courtesy light to allow for night charging. The magnetic lid is both aesthetically pleasing and makes the cable incredibly easy to access, allowing you to unwind your charging cable in a matter of seconds.

They’re resilient little units too. With an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 65, they are built with safety and reliability in mind. They can handle pretty much any weather, from freezing temperatures of -20°C to tropical 40°C heat and up to 95% humidity. They really can handle rain, snow or sun!

All of Andersen EV’s charging points have a focus on design – from the compact, low-profile chassis to the discrete indicator lights on the front of the unit – every aspect of these charging points has been meticulously crafted.

Customers can also customise their unit with a range of colours and the option of either wood or brushed metal finishes. For many of our customers, this is a key feature of the product range. Despite spending tens of thousands on their new EV, they are stuck with a plastic, utilitarian charging point that can spoil the look of their home. With customisable charging units from Andersen, they can get a beautiful unit that fits with the design aesthetic of their house.

For peace of mind, all Andersen EV charging chassis are covered by a lifetime guarantee, and take care of all installation and servicing. The units are connected to the cloud via a WiFi connection, allowing us to spot any potential faults before they happen, sending engineers to fix the issue before it becomes a problem. It’s a simple touch, but one that makes all the difference!

With the launch of the A2, Andersen expands its range of intelligent, functional and sophisticated charging points, continuing the focus on safety and aesthetics to provide a premium alternative to the stock charging points that accompany most EVs.