Start-up bags two OEM partnerships with self-driving systems

The race to develop autonomous vehicles is resulting in more collaborations across the industry. Michael Nash reports

The timeframe for autonomous vehicle rollout varies from OEM to OEM, but it is clear that the race is on as companies seek to be first to market with their offerings. As a result, partnerships are sprouting up thick and fast.

Both Volkswagen and Hyundai have recently announced that they will partner with the Pittsburgh-based start-up Aurora in the hope of speeding up their deployment of self-driving vehicles. The company was co-founded by three experts in the autonomous car field: Chris Urmson, who previously headed up Google’s self-driving vehicle project, Sterling Anderson, who worked on MIT’s Intelligent Co-Pilot as well as Tesla’s Autopilot, and Drew Bagnall, who help found Uber’s Advanced Technology Center. …

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