What single moment defines the automotive industry in 2017?

The past 12 months have witnessed more than a handful of game-changing announcements. Megan Lampinen examines some of the different opinions on the defining moments of 2017

The automotive industry is moving faster than ever and the past 12 months have seen a handful of game-changing moments. Volvo turned heads with the announcement that it would go ‘all-electric’ by 2019, though this turned out to actually mean a much less dramatic ‘electrified in some sense’. However, it elicited a wave of followers, including Volkswagen, Jaguar Land Rover and even long-time EV-sceptic Toyota.

Then there was Tesla’s long-awaited Model 3 launch and the subsequent production hell that threw all targets and schedules out the window. Meanwhile, supplier and OEM M&A activity has been rife, VW executives have been jailed and NAFTA is about to disappear. There are clearly plenty of pivotal developments to chose from….



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