Q1 tyre data adds intrigue to 2018 global truck outlook

Michelin's March and Q1 truck tyre data is in, with interesting implications for full year 2018 truck sales. By Oliver Dixon

Michelin’s commercial vehicle tyre shipment data for March was accompanied by the following commentary: “With one fewer day of sales in March, growing OE markets, and declining RT demand on high Q1’17 pre buy effect on Tier 1 and Tier 2 tires in Europe (-7%) and North America (-7%); North American RT market overall growth due to soaring imports on the back of very low basis of comparison.”

Closer examination of this and other supporting data, including ACEA and Maut, shows slow, steady recovery in the Brazilian market and South American region, uncertainty in Europe’s truck market and the North America heavy duty sector continuing to outperform. March data wraps up the first quarter, too, enabling useful comparative analysis….