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Philosophy meets technology in Ford’s view of the ‘living street’

Jim Hackett's first address at CES 2018 tackled the broader moral and ethical issues behind Ford's mobility strategy, writes Megan Lampinen

Ford outlined its approach – both philosophical and technological – to revolutionising mobility at CES 2018. This year it was Chief Executive Jim Hackett on stage, but he continues what has become a Ford tradition at the event. His predecessor Mark Fields addressed CES for the past three years, while Alan Mulally spoke twice.

For Hackett, who has now been in the top post 220 days, the focus was on smart cities of the future and Ford’s role in realising them. It’s an area of expertise for Hackett, who served as Chairman of the Ford Smart Mobility subsidiary before taking over from Fields. Ford management have frequently spoken about their efforts to transform into a diverse mobility provider but the focus of Hackett’s message at CES was largely philosophical….

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