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Partner or perish – digital disruption in the Indian auto industry

Yaquta Mandviwala and Deepak Jain share insight from a recent Bain & Co report on digital transformation of the auto industry and its impact on the Indian market

Digital technology is causing disruption across the global automotive industry and through the entire value chain – and as a result, the traditional paradigm is rapidly changing. Digital engineering and 3-D printing are reducing product development timelines and costs. Smart sensors combined with complex computational capabilities are also enabling new feature designs, like advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), which have the potential to make travelling by car safer.

Bain & Company surveyed 1,551 Indian customers who had purchased a vehicle in 2016, and supplemented that with a survey of 87 dealers and conversations with senior management teams from various vehicle manufacturers. The survey was captured in a joint study by Bain & Company and Facebook, entitled “Changing Gears 2020: How digital is transforming the face of the automotive industry”. The report also drew insight from Bain’s Global Automotive Consumer Survey that included respondents from the US, the UK, Germany, China and India….

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