Near term or far, there’s nothing static about wireless EV charging developments

Qualcomm's Graeme Davison shares his excitement on the possibilities for wireless electric vehicle charging in today's market as well as the cities of the future. By Megan Lampinen

The road towards wireless electric vehicle charging (WEVC) hasn’t been without glitches, but progress over the past few years puts this technology closer than ever to launch. From static charging of a parked car at home to dynamic charging along the motorway at high speeds, WEVC is expected to feature prominently in the smart, clean cities of the future. Just how far into the future is up for debate, but Qualcomm is bullish in its outlook.

The supplier’s ground-based charging pad can be installed in a garage, a parking facility or even on the road. Using resonant magnetic inductive power transfer, it provides wireless electricity for EVs, with no need for a plug. The approach is designed to make the overall process of charging nearly invisible. Qualcomm has been developing this WECV technology for a range of applications, including the race-track, the motorway, the home garage and the office car park. Graeme Davison, Vice President, Business Development & Marketing, shares his excitement on both the near-term possibilities and the long-term potential.

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