Interview: Scott Perry, Chief Operating Officer, Nikola Motor Company

Nikola's new COO speaks to Megan Lampinen about how he will apply 25 years of trucking expertise to launching a revolutionary new range of zero-emission trucks

December will mark the one-year anniversary of the Nikola One unveil, a pivotal moment in the history of trucking. Nikola Motor Company is rewriting the rules of heavy transport with the development of a fuel cell-electric Class 8 truck range targeted at the long-haul segment. When the Nikola One and Nikola Two models arrive in 2021, they should boast a range of between 800 and 1,200 miles.

By 2030, Chief Executive Trevor Milton is confident his models will take 20% of the market share away from diesel units. “I do not think it will be a factor of we can’t sell enough, but rather we can’t build enough,” he told

To support this ambitious vision, Nikola is bringing in a host of very credible suppliers and executives. It has secured the expertise of Bosch for transmission technology and PowerCell AB for fuel cells. The executive team has just been expanded by the addition of Scott Perry as Chief Operating Officer. Perry spent the last 25 years at truck rental and logistics company Ryder, most recently serving as Chief Technology and Procurement Officer. In these roles he was responsible for Ryder’s advanced vehicle technology strategy team, global fuel products, supplier relationship management, and the connectivity/telematics strategy team. If anyone knows today’s trucking industry, Perry does….