Interview: Sagar Apte, Founder and Chief Executive, CarIQ

CarIQ speaks to Megan Lampinen about breaking new ground in India's connected car segment

The launch of CarIQ in 2013 marked India’s first connected car platform. Using a simple USB-like device that plugs into a port under the steering wheel, CarIQ connects to the Internet and can track a range of vehicle performance statistics. It can offer not only maintenance reminders and an overview of the car’s health but also feedback on driving style, real time location sharing, a daily activity summary of the vehicle’s journeys and more. Notably, the system can also provide valuable data for OEMs and insurance providers. In fact, CarIQ has become one of the leading solution providers for usage based insurance in India.

Sagar Apte, Founder and Chief Executive at CarIQ, believes the key to success lies in the ability to communicate with customers….

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