Interview: Neeraj Kanwar, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Apollo Tyres

If it's not low-cost Chinese imports then it's rising raw material costs. Apollo's Neeraj Kanwar speaks to Megan Lampinen about how the company is navigating the many industry challenges

India’s tyre suppliers took a serious beating from the flood of cheap Chinese imports a few years ago. Since the government stepped in with anti-dumping duties in September last year, the volume of low-cost imports has slowed dramatically. Only recently have local players started to recover.

Local supplier Apollo Tyres took a particularly big hit at its truck and bus radial tyre (TBR) segment. Although the company was a relative latecomer to the TBR market it quickly jumped to a leadership position. Even from this position of strength, however, it found it difficult to weather the import problem. Speaking to, Apollo’s Managing Director Neeraj Kanwar sheds light on how the company has responded to the import crisis and other industry challenges along the way….