Interview: Liam Butterworth, Chief Executive, Delphi Technologies

The new Chief Executive of Delphi Technologies speaks to Megan Lampinen about the recent spinoff, new cultural changes and the powertrain trends shaping its strategy

At just four months old, Delphi Technologies combines the clean slate of a freshly launched venture with the experience and capability of an industry veteran. December marked the completion of Delphi Automotive’s separation into Delphi Technologies and Aptiv. The former groups together solutions for electric vehicles (EVs) and internal combustion engines (ICE) while the latter encompasses all the projects around connected vehicles, smart vehicle architecture and new mobility solutions.

With Liam Butterworth at the helm, Delphi Technologies is navigating a new path that incorporates greater electrification while simultaneously advancing clean ICE technologies. It’s a careful balancing act in terms of investment and resource allocation but one that Butterworth is confident will steer the company towards future growth and profitability….

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