Hey Alexa, which OEM offers the coolest connected car experience?

OEMs must engage with their customers, or risk becoming little more than white goods manufacturers. Martin Kahl reports from Connected Car Detroit

In 2017, for the first time ever, more cars than phones were added to the US cell network, according to Chetan Sharma Consulting. Also for the first time, connected vehicles accounted for ‘the biggest net-adds category for the year’.

How to monetise this growing level of vehicle connectivity is an ongoing challenge for vehicle manufacturers – not only in the US, but globally. Vehicle owners are connected before they get into their cars, and they’ll still be connected when they get back out again. It’s for the OEMs to ensure they’re part of that connectivity, was the message from Kurt Hoppe, Global Head of Innovation in General Motors’ Connected Car division, speaking at , an annual conference organised by Automotive Megatrends….

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