German Autolabs to democratise digital assistant experience

Chief Executive Holger Weiss speaks to Megan Lampinen about making access to apps and services safer for drivers - all drivers - as soon as possible

Voice-controlled digital assistants are starting to make their way into the car. From adjusting the temperature of the house or playing music in the living room, they are beginning to assist with in-vehicle tasks like route planning, parking options and infotainment choices. But this new environment brings with it a host of unique challenges, and balancing safety and convenience doesn’t come easy.

Companies are employing the latest in machine learning and natural language to create an ideal virtual co-driver. Some OEMs are investing heavily to develop their own in-house technology while others have been incorporating outside systems like Amazon’s Alexa into their line-up. Another alternative is about to hit the scene when German Autolab’s digital assistant Chris arrives in September. This is a retrofit option that consists of an app and a hardware device that can work in any vehicle, right away.

Chief Executive Holger Weiss believes that for the many millions of older vehicles currently in operation, Chris could truly democratise the digital assistant experience and set a new standard for connected safety….

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