Gasoline engines to thrive in compact segment, says SEAT

SEAT’s head of R&D Matthias Rabe tells Freddie Holmes about the brand’s move to introduce hybrid technology around 2020, and the benefits of ‘rightsizing’ gasoline engines

SEAT has not been an early mover when it comes to powertrain electrification, and has taken a more reserved approach compared to some OEMs within the wider Volkswagen Group.

However, its ties to the VW Group have enabled it to benefit from the savings associated with economies of scale, and plans are in place for the Spanish OEM to launch a number of hybrid models by 2020. This would come at a favourable time considering looming emissions legislation in the European Union, and could help to significantly reduce fleet average CO2 emissions.

In an interview with, Matthias Rabe, Executive Vice President, Research and Development at SEAT said that despite this move to hybridisation, ‘rightsized’ gasoline engines offer a compelling combination of high performance, fuel efficiency and low emissions….