Diesel to remain dominant despite energy diversification, says Renault Trucks

Diesel optimisation and electrification are on the cards for Renault Trucks, with natural gas taking a backseat. Michael Nash reports

According to figures from the European Commission (EC), heavy-duty trucks and buses produce around a quarter of the CO2 emissions that are attributed to all road transport, and around 5% of the EU’s total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Furthermore, CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) rose over 30% between 1990 and 2007 despite improvements on the technology side. This is due to the fact that there far are greater numbers of HDVs on the roads today.

As a result, many truck manufacturers are looking at different ways to curb emissions. Some believe that natural gas (NG) will play an increasingly important role, but for Renault Trucks, the future lies in the optimisation of diesel and electrification.

Speaking to Greenstreetsoftware.info, François Savoye, the company’s Energy Efficiency Strategy Director, described the current areas of focus at Renault Trucks….

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