Candid camera: The rise of video in vehicle manufacturing

As video technology improves, so too does its usefulness as a production-line tool for the automotive industry, writes Paul Herdman

Across the globe, automotive manufacturing represents a massive ecosystem. In Europe, it supports 3.3 million jobs – almost 11% of the EU’s entire manufacturing employment base – and produces nearly one quarter of the world’s vehicles. In the US, automotive production is the largest manufacturing sector, representing 7.25 million American jobs and 3.8% of private-sector employment. And in Asia, the three heavyweights – China, Japan and Korea – represent 42% of the global production market.

Holding onto their leadership positions requires OEMs and suppliers to relentlessly strive to improve processes, efficiency and real-time visibility into manufacturing operations. And increasingly, automotive manufacturing leaders are relying on the power of video – and intelligent enterprise video platforms – to drive these improvements….

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