Breaking into EV market requires ‘tangible competitive differentiators’

New entrants to the electric vehicle market need to find ways of standing out from the crowd, and ultracapcitors could help. Michael Nash talks to Taavi Madiberk of Skeleton Technologies

While sales remain relatively low, the electric vehicle (EV) market is swarming with competition. Many OEMs have vowed to launch a selection of new models over the next few years, while Tesla is battling with manufacturing headaches as it hopes to complete orders of its mass-market Model 3.

Despite the competition, new market entrants could soon make their mark. Polestar, for example, is a new marque that will become the electric performance branch of Volvo Cars. The company hopes to launch two models by 2019 before bringing a third to market shortly after. Another example is Faraday Future. The company has promised to bring its first model – the FF 91 – to market by the end of 2018, and new reports have suggested that Tata Motors has invested US$900m to aid the launch.

According to Taavi Madiberk, Chief Executive of Skeleton Technologies, there could be space for new entrants in the EV segment, providing they find a way to stand apart from the competition….

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