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ADAS and autonomy – two sides of the same coin?

As Autoliv’s Johan Lofvenholm explains, self-driving cars are developing on two fronts, and ADAS developers need to watch both. By Xavier Boucherat

Self-driving cars are developing on two fronts. On the one hand is a version of autonomy once thought the stuff of science fiction, but one which, as CES 2018 showed, is being taken ever more seriously. In this version, fleets of driverless robo-taxis are rolled out on to the streets to chaperone passengers 24 hours a day, potentially abolishing the need for private vehicle ownership. These geo-fenced applications would be restricted to small areas, and the companies hoping to bring them to the roads, a mixture of start-ups, tech giants and OEMs, are attempting their own great leap forward to solve the self-driving challenge….

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