Today’s truck stops could be tomorrow’s transport hubs

Uber is calling for a low-tech approach to help quickly realise its vision of a transport hub model for autonomous HD trucks, and stresses the importance of solving real-world challenges. By Xavier Boucherat

To say Uber has had a tumultuous year would be an understatement. Footage of former Chief Executive Travis Kalanick yelling at an Uber driver made for tabloid-worthy front pages, but Transport for London’s decision to not renew the service’s city licence, a court case with Waymo over alleged theft of trade secrets are among the numerous incidents that have kept the company in the news. Most recently, a self-driving Uber struck and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona. An investigation is ongoing, but whatever the outcome, being the first incident of its kind, it is likely to earn the company an unenviable place in the history of autonomous driving….

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