SEAT spins cup racing roots into lucrative revenue stream

Megan Lampinen gets a first hand look at Cupra, the new brand that SEAT wants to position somewhere between mass market and premium

SEAT is tapping its Cupra line not only as an entry into a more lucrative consumer demographic but also as a test bed for innovative new technology. The Spanish brand is turning its performance line into a standalone brand, complete with a new logo. Today’s one-model Cupra line-up, consisting of the SEAT Leon Cupra R, will eventually grow to include around seven or eight models. The new range kicks off with the Cupra Ateca SUV, currently on display at the Geneva Motor Show.

“Cupra’s roots are in cup racing. With a new interpretation of the brand and a new symbol, we hope to address customers that might not look at SEAT,” Wayne Griffiths, SEAT Vice President for Sales and Marketing, told media at the event….