AHSS and specialist steel essential to keep pace with automotive megatrends

Third-generation AHSS and electrical steels among the offerings which will prove essential for tomorrow’s lightweight, electrified and automated fleets. Xavier Boucherat talks to ArcelorMittal

Advanced high strength steels (AHSS) were first adopted by the automotive industry in the 1990s. Their complex chemistries and multiphase microstructures allowed for strong yet lightweight properties, making them ideal for application in parts requiring high-energy absorption for crash performance. Over time their use increased, and new models arriving on the road today can feature very high content levels – at the 2019 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), Kia unveiled its 2019 Forte Sedan which features a chassis made up of 54% AHSS.

Two decades on from their introduction, the third-generation of AHSS is arriving. As Jean-Luc Thirion, General Manager for Global R&D at ArcelorMittal explains, the development of higher …


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