Long-distance BEVs require a balanced approach

Developing a long-range electric vehicle is relatively simple, but making it affordable, comfortable and functional is another matter, learns Freddie Holmes

Extending electric driving range is deemed critical to the success of an electric vehicle (EV), but contrary to common perception, it is not simply a case of ‘bigger battery, longer range.’

In August 2016, a study by UK-based fleet management company Venson Automotive Solutions found that 61% of UK motorists were put off the idea of owning an EV due to concerns over limited battery range – often referred to as ‘range anxiety’. It is worth noting that a separate study published in the same month by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), found that in fact, existing affordable EVs met 87% of car travel requirements in the US.

While driving range is clearly an important characteristic for the consumer, it is not the primary consideration in battery development, argues Wenzel Prochazka, Product Manager of Battery Systems at AVL. “The most important factor is that an EV must be usable,” he says….

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